"Ships Concealment Camouflage Instructions 1953"

For those who want to know the current color's for the USN, referenced to the Fed-Std-595. Vertical surfaces: Haze Gray No. 27, FSN#26270
Decks: Deck Gray, FSN#26008
FOR USN WW2 SEE:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_ship_camouflage_measures_of_the_United_States_Navy#US_Navy_ship_camouflage_paints

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We have a line of over 190 different design sheets available for the dazzle type camouflage applied to US Navy warships during 1943-45. These sheets cover all types of ships from Battleships to Net Tenders. They sell for $2.20 each. The below listing shows the Measure (Ms) and Design number along with the date the design was approved. Also the ship or class of ship the design was prepared for.

We have new plans in the CF-300 series....on June 6 2012

Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-14032/3D8/44BB33 CL.CF-10931a/8B10/44BB34
CF-14331a/8BBB38CF-13931a/710/44BB40 CL.
CF-30632/6D2/44BB40 CL.CF-31532/3D8/44BB40 CL.
CF-20232/3DBB38 CL.CF-20332/7DBB45 CL.
CF-14132/16D2/44BB40 CL.CF-11032/16DBB43 CL.
CF-20532v1/1DBB43 CL.CF-20432v6/10DBB55 CL.
CF-20632v11/18D1943BB55 CL.CF-19532/1944BB58


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-2733/1A6/44CV4CF-D1Ms. 124/42CV4
CF-30532/11A1/44CV3 CF-2833/4AB2/44CV6
CF-D2Ms. 121/42CV7CF-D3Ms.122/42CV8
CF-1731/17A10/43CV9 CL.CF-1833/3A7/43CV9 CL.
CF-1933/10A1/44CV9 CL.CF-2432/17A7/43CV9 CL.
CF-2532/6/10D7/43CV9 CL.CF-263-/6A7/43CV9 CL.
CF-2103-/3A7/43CV9 CL.


CF-2932/11A12/43CVL22 CL.CF-303-/8A12/43CVL22 CL.
CF-3133/3D1/44CVL22 CL.CF-3233/7A12/43CVL22 CL.
CF-33432/7A43CVL22 CL.


CF-21132/9A12/43CVE1 CL.
CF-11131/2A3/44CVE9 CL.CF-11232/4A3/44CVE9 CL.
CF-11232/4A3/44CVE9 CL.CF-11333/8F7/44CVE9 CL.
CF-20733/2A3/44CVE9 CL.CF-20833/7ACVE9 CL.
CF-30233/12A2/44CVE9 CL.CF-20932/11ACVE26 CL.
CF-28233/10A1/44CVE26 CL.CF-32433/14A3/44CVE55 CL.
CF-29733/10A44CVE26 CL.CF-32632/4A5/44CVE30
CF-11433/10A2/44CVE55 CL.CF-11532/12A2/44CVE55 CL.
CF-11632/16A6/44CVE55 CL.CF-11732/15A3/44CVE55 CL.
CF-21233/18A6/44CVE55 CL.CF-32532/4A44CVE55 CL.
CF-32833/3D4/44CVE55 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-7732/14D4/44CA24 CL.CF-11832/9D3/44CA27
CF-11932/13D2/44CA32CF-31833/13D2/44CA32 CL.
CF-1213 /18D12/43CA68 CL.CF-2003/16D12/43CA68
CF-31631a/9C10/44CA68 CL.


CF-7333/2F6/44CL4 CL.CF-21332/3CCL 4 CL.
CF-21532v1CL7 CL.CF-12233/8C7/44CL40 CL.
CF-33133V13/21D1943CL43 CL.CF-10232/2C3/44CL49 CL.
CF-14532/24DCL51 CL.CF-21432/1CCL51 CL.
CF-26733/24D11/43CL51 CL.CF-30733/22D4/44CL51 CL.
CF-3331a/24D1943CL53 CL.CF-3433/22D1944CL53 CL.
CF-4332/24D2/44CL55 CL.CF-19633/3D1944CL55 CL.
CF-4432/11A1/44CL55 CL.CF-7433/6D1/44CL55 CL.
CF-7531a/10C11/44CL55 CL.CF-10833/3D12/43CL55 CL.
CF-19633/3D1944CL55 CL.CF-30433/24D2/44CL55 CL.
CF-33232V1/1D1943CL55 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-10432/18D7/44DD106 CL.CF-29432/3D7/44DD114 CL.
CF-14631/21DDD148 CL.CF-32731/21D3/44DD187
CF-14732/6D7/44DD348 CL.CF-6031/6D7/44DD348 CL.
CF-10631/7D1944DD348 CL.CF-14832/9DDD348 CL.
CF-6132/3D6/44DD356 CL.
CF-6232/3D9/44DD357 CL.CF-6332/22D3/44DD357 CL.
CF-10331/23D4/44DD364 CL.CF-12332/3D5/44DD364 CL.
CF-32231/23D5/44DD372 CL.
CF-12432/23D5/44DD377 CL.CF-6431/9D6/44DD380 CL.
CF-21632/1DDD380CL.CF-32332/9D5/44DD384 CL.
CF-6531/11D7/44DD398 CL.
CF-14931/11D3/44DD409 CL.CF-6632/1D3/44DD409 CL.
CF-6732/3D7/44DD409 CL.CF-10732/2C2/44DD409 CL.
CF-15032/3DDD421 CL.CF-6831/6D3/44DD421 CL.
CF-6932/22D6/44DD421 CL.CF-12532/28D6/44DD421 CL.
CF-15131/3DDD423 CL.CF-10532/16L7/44DD423 CL.
CF-12632/26D6/44DD423 CL.CF-22832/16D6/44DD423 CL.
CF-1533-/7DDD445 CL.CF-1523-/6DDD445 CL.
CF-15532/10DDD445 CL.CF-15631/22DDD445 CL.
CF-1573-/1DDD445 CL.CF-15831/23DDD445 CL.
CF-132/7D6/44DD445 CL.CF-232/24D6/44DD445 CL.
CF-332/31/44DD445 CL.CF-8931/21D1/44DD445 CL.
CF-9032/18D3/44DD445 CL.CF-9131/9D3/44DD445 CL.
CF-12731/2C1944DD445 CL.CF-12831/11D3/44DD445 CL.
CF-12932/13D1944DD445 CL.CF-1303-/14D1944DD445 CL.
CF-13131/16D1/44DD445 CL.CF21732v11/18DDD445 CL.
CF-21832/21DDD445 CL.CF2193-/22DDD445 CL.
CF-3333-/3D43DD445 CL.CF-23232/23DDD598 CL.
CF-15933a/30DDD692 CL.CF-1323-/22D12/43DD692 CL.
CF-832/9D4/44DD692 CL.CF-932/3D2/44DD692 CL.
CF-1031/25D5/44DD692 CL.CF-7232/11A5/44DD692 CL.
CF-10133a/27D10/44DD692 CL.CF-22031/16DDD692 CL.
CF-733a/28D10/44DD710 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-16032/3D exDE5-50 CL.CF-16131/1DDE5-50 CL.
CF-432/9D5/44DE5-50 CL.CF-532/21D12/43DE5-50 CL.
CF-631/3D1/44DE5-50 CL.CF-8833a/35D3/45DE5-50 CL.
CF-1843-/22D12/43DE5-50 CL.CF-31433/3Dex9/44DE5-50 CL.
CF-31932/6D1944DE5-50 CL.
CF-18631/22D1/44DE51 CL.CF-188CF-1883-/3DDE51 CL.
CF-18932-33/3Dex9/44DE51 CL.CF-19032/3Db11/44DE51 CL.
CF-1431/11D12/43DE51 CL.CF-1623-/13DDE51 CL.
CF-1633-/14DDE51 CL.CF-1532/23D3/44DE51 CL.
CF-1631/24D1/44DE51 CL.CF-7032/6D6/44DE51 CL.
CF-7132/24D6/44DE51 CL.CF-18532/6D1944DE51 CL.
CF-22132/19DDE51 CL.CF-22232/11DDE51 CL.
CF-2303-/16DDE51 CL.CF-22332/21DDE51 CL.
CF-2243-/10DDE51 CL.CF-22532/1D5/44DE51 CL.
CF-22631/24DxDE51 CL.CF-31233a/26D10/44DE51 CL.
CF-295Admirilty "D" & "A" Type9/44DE 51 CL.
CF-19132/3Da11/44DE339 CL.CF-18733A/31D12/44DE339 CL.
CF-19233A/27D10/44DE339 CL.CF-19333A/26D10/44DE339 CL.
CF-19432-33/3Dex9/44DE339 CL. CF-1131/2C3/44DE339 CL.
CF-22731/14DDE339 CL.CF-22932/6D6/44DE339 CL.
CF-1231/3D6/44DE339 CL.CF-1332/22D4/44DE339 CL.
CF-32132/14D5/44DE339 CL.
CF-296Admirilty "D" & "A" Type9/44DE339 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-13432/3SS-B6/44SS212 CL.CF-13532/9SS6/44SS212 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-3932a/18P11/44PC579 CL.CF-16532/12PPC578 CL.
CF-3832/16D2/44PF1-102 CL.CF-9232/16D2/44PF1-102 CL.
CF-3731/3D2/44PG50 CL.CF-2031/20L8/44PT BOATS
CF-2132/8P5/44PT BOATSCF-16831/20L#2PT BOATS
CF-16931/20L#3PT BOATSCF-17031/20L#1PT BOATS
CF-2231/PX1944PT BOATSCF-23131/4PPT71-94 CL.
CF-1673-/7DM.T.B.sCF-30932/13P7/44SC676 CL.
CF-3632/9P6/44SC110' CL.CF-16432a/15PSC1266 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-4132/1M1/44AM55 CL.CF-13632/21D4/44AM55 CL.
CF-23332/3MAM80 CL.
CF-9733/23D5/44AM136 CL.CF-9832/21D1/44AM136 CL.
CF-13732/22D5/44AM136 CL.CF-10032/2M2/44CM1-2 CL.
CF-13832/6A4/44CM5 CL.CF-30332/2M2/44CM11-12
CF-9932/7D6/44DM15 CL.CF-17232a/28DDM23 CL.
CF-4032/7D6/44DMS9 CL.CF-4232a/29D11/44DMS19 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-23431/5LLCI(L) CL.CF-23631/6LLCI(L) CL.
CF-23731/8LLCI(L) CL.CF-23833/8LLCIL(L)351 CL.
CF-8033/14L7/44LCS(L) CL.CF-7933/12L4/44LCT(6) CL.
CF-23531/7LLCT CL.
CF-4631/20L7/44LCT1-500 CL.
CF-16631/9LLSD-1 CL.
CF-8131/17L7/44LSM1 CL.CF-17131/8LLST 1 CL.
CF-8631/18L12/43LST 1 CL.CF-8731/18L#26/44LST 1 CL.
CF-27831/11L5/44LST 1 CL.
CF-4531/15L5/44LSV 1 CL.CF-20131/10L3/44LSM 1 CL.


Order No.Ms/DesignDateShip/ClassOrder No.Ms/DesignDateShip/Class
CF-17732/13AX3/44AD4 CLCF-17832/18D3/44AD9 CL
CF-17932/18F10/44AE1 CLCF-18032/13F6/44AE9 CL.
CF-28532/8F6/44AF2,8-9CF-27132/4TAF8 CL.
CF-8232/9T7/44AF 14 CL.CF-19632/8F6/44AF28 CL.
CF-24032/7TAG30CF-24632/8FAGC 1 CL.
CF-26331/22D6/44AGS 5CF-3173-/1F1/44AK114-123 CL.
CF-27333/12FAK 14 CL.CF-27432/11FAK70 CL.
CF-27232/9FAK90 CL.CF-27533/9DAK99 CL.
CF-18133/6AO5/44AK156 cl.CF-24432/10FAK156 CL.
CF-27932/8T1/44AKA15-20 CL.CF-29012(modified)/15F8/44AKA21 CL. &


CF-28932/6A08/44AKA64 CL.
CF-5131/20L9/44AN78-92 CL.CF-28032/4AO2/44AO2
CF-28132/9AO5/44AO9 Cl.CF-24731/10AO6/44AO22 CL.
CF-5632/4AO2/44AO22 CL.CF-5732/10AD6/44AO22 CL.
CF-5832/5AO2/44AO22 CL.CF-5932/7AO3/44AO22 CL.
CF-18232/13T6/44AO22 CL.
CF-24132/6AOAO37 CL.CF-23932/3AOAO51 CL.
CF-25632/1AOAOG1 CL.CF-25732/3DAOG 1 CL.
CF-25832/11AAOG13 CL.CF-25932/8AOAOG 17 CL.
CF-28832/16D8/44AOG 17 CL.
CF-26432/11FAP24 CL.CF-26532/6AAP33 CL.
CF-26632/4TAP 52 CL.CF-30032/4T1/44APA2 CL.
CF-24932/4TAP103 CL.CF-25032/10TAP110 CL.
CF-25132/11AAP110 CL.CF-28332/13TAP130 CL
CF-28433/11TAP130 CL
CF-24232/3DAPA1 CL.CF-18332/9T2/44APA6-9 cl.
CF-24332/4T3/44APA10 CL.
CF-17632/4T3/44APA10CF-17432/6T1/44APA18-20 cl.
CF-17533/6T1944APA18CF-8532/16D1/44APA33 CL.
CF-28732/2AAPA33 CL.CF-28632/4T8/44APA117 CL.
CF-29331/20L8/44APC 1 CL.
CF-24531/12TAPD1 CL.CF-29231/20LAPD1 CL.
CF-33731/15T8/44APD1 CL.
CF-29131/20L8/44APD37 CL.CF-30132/6D2/44ARG1 CL.
CF-9431/16L7/44APL14 CL.CF-24831/6AxARG2
CF-174A32/6D1944AS3CF-26832/10AxAS13 CL.
CF-26932/12F6/44AS23 CL.
CF-25532/17AxAT66 CL.
CF-9531/18D7/44ATR 1 CL.CF-26031/16AxATR1 CL.
CF-27632/6AAV1 CL.CF-33532/5Ax3/44AV4 CL.
CF-5432/2ax12/43AVP10 CL.CF-5532/5D2/44AVP10 CL.
CF-8332/8ax4/44AV14 CL.
CF-25233/1FAVP10 CL.
CF-9631/20L8/44YF574 CL.CF-5231/9ax4/44IX 100 CL.
CF-9332/7ax7/44IX 100 CL.CF-30833/22DWINDS CL.
CF-33033/1F43/44EC-2 LIBERTY CLASS
NOTE:  NO CF-197 to 199
UPDATED 12 July 2016







This is the first time an extensive compilation of USN camouflage has been made available. Based on official pattern designs and instructions, it also includes many never before seen photographs.

While this book is aimed primarily at the period of greatest interest, WW2, it includes prewar as well as post- war experiments and instructions-from 1937 to 1953.

The cover is full color, the remainder of the 56 page book is black and white. Over 12 pages are devoted to pattern designs showing; port and starboard sides, bow, stern, deck plan, plus perpendicular superstructure and turret patterns. Each color, of every pattern shape, is indicated. Pictures accompany the drawings pointing out whether or not the design was followed, color variations, etc.

All 47 pictures are bleed, several are full page, many are aerial close-ups.

The mixing proportions of the paints are included in the instructions in which they were released.

Each chapter deals with a period of time when significant camouflage instructions were released to the fleet. Each is in chronological order enabling the reader to see how practices were changed or reintroduced, and at times, even contradictcd previous specifications. One chapter alone covers ship yard painting and undercoating instructions.

ISBN: 0-944055-01-X $11.95

Printed and Published by THE FLOATING DRYDOCK
Copyright ) 1976 and 1988 by THE FLOATING DRYDOCK
Drawings by T. Walkowiak
Design and layout by L. Sowinski


Our newly re-printed camouflage 2, which has been out of print for several years is now available in CD format. This companion to our Camouflage 1 (see above) covers the US Navy's Fleet Carriers of WW2. This book goes into great detail on the dazzle camouflage applied to Fleet and Light Carriers. Camouflage 2 has been expanded and with over 143 photographs!! Each chapter is built around an official USN master design drawing. Each carrier (wearing that specific design) is then shown in numerous photographs, enabling the dazzle pattern to be viewed from several different angles. This includes aerial as well as sea level views.

Most photographs have never before been seen. Some are action pictures, and some full page. Some are invaluable close-ups showing structure, radar and rigging details. Additionally, there is a special supplemental chapter. It updates those schemes (discussed in the first book) of which we have uncovered material.

Copyright@1977, 1996 and 2005 by The Floating Drydock
Drawings by Thomas F. Walkowiak
Layout and design by Larry Sowinski

Order # CAMO2 $12.95

Ships Concealment Camouflage Instructions

d72-.jpg - 0 Bytes

The US Navy publication (NAVSHIPS 250-374) is now available in CD format. This January 1953 publication was the first released since the "Ships-2" instructions of 1945. It covers both surface ships and submarines, which is more then 80% of the book. Original format was 10x13", 88 Pages. Order Number: CD-CAMO1953 Price $19.95 NOTE:  For PC type PC's, will not open on MACS.

US NAVY FLETCHER Class Destroyers in WW II Dazzle Camouflage

by C.Lee Johnson
This 76 page book covers all the Dazzle Camo Patterns of the Fletchers. Along with chapter text explaining the pattern used for which ships and about 142 photo, makes this a great reference book. Order number: DD445-391-X $25.95

US Navy Ships Camouflage WWII, Part 1

Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts (SC)

Since the formation of the Continental Navy in 1775, US Navy ships have donned numerous colors. During WWI, when the German U-boat threatened to stop US and Canadian supplies from reaching their European allies, the British Royal Navy began using a splinter-type camouflage to confuse the enemy about the speed, distance, and the course of its ships. The US also adopted similar camouflage during this timeframe. When the Bureau of Construction and Repairs began issuing instructions for different camouflage schemes and colors, the Navy took note, and by WWII, USN destroyers sported several different camouflage schemes that ranged from blue to gray to black and included painted bow waves and multiple dazzle schemes. When WWII ended in 1945, the fleet was restored to Standard Navy Gray to await the next revolution in deceptive paintwork. Illustrated with 116 b/w photos, 2 color photos, and over 30 color renderings/profiles. 68 pages.

Order #  SS6099  Price $16.95



U.S. Navy Set 1
Price: $18.00
CCCusn1_1.jpg (375833 bytes)usn1_2.jpg (380396 bytes)This first set of U.S. Navy World War II ship paint chips covers the grays and blues in use from the pre-war period through roughly early 1945. The two prewar grays were used by the U.S. Navy from the end of World War I until 1941. The U.S. Navy began experiments in the late 1930s to develop camouflage paints and applications, first publishing the results in January 1941 in the form of instructions contained in Ships-2. The range of purple-blue colors developed from the earlier experiments became the basis for the colors contained in this set. These paint chips have been carefully matched to Navy Yard-issued paint chips when available, or to the 1929 Munsell Book of Color that was the basis for the official Navy specifications. In one instance – 5S Sea Blue – the set includes three separate chips, with Saea Blue A and Sea Blue C matched to separate Navy Yard paint samples, while Sea Blue B is matched to the Munsell specifications; all would be correct for use. While these colors continued in use until the end of the war, a shortage of blue pigment in late 1944 led to the development of a set of neutral grays which were often used in combination with the purple-blues.

This set contains 20 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:


#5 Standard Navy Gray
#20 Standard Deck Gray

Early 1941

5-L Light Gray
5-O Ocean Gray
5-D Dark Gray

Late 1941:

5-H Haze Gray
5-O Ocean Gray
Cavite Blue
5-S Sea Blue A
5-S Sea Blue B
5-S Sea Blue C
5-N Navy Blue
5-B Thayer Blue
20-B Deck Blue 


20B Revised Deck Blue
250N Norfolk Flight Deck Stain
#21 Flight Deck Stain



#82 Black
5-P Pale Gray
5-L Light Gray


U.S.Navy Set 2
$25.00  OUT OF STOCK till Summer 2015

CCCusn2_1.jpg (379177 bytes)CCCusn2_2.jpg (359982 bytes)CCCusn2_3.jpg (354653 bytes)The outbreak of World War II found the U.S. Navy totally lacking direction for colors and camouflage patterns for its amphibious forces. Thus with the onset of landing operations at Guadalcanal, forces afloat began painting ships, landing craft, and PT boats subject to inshore operations against a jungle background in a series of greens and browns in largely homemade patterns. In early 1943 these colors were officially revised, then revised again later in the year, based on experience and studies. In 1944, the Navy developed a final set of three greens and a brown to be used by the amphibious and PT forces. This second set of U.S. Navy World War II paint chips offers the full range of greens and browns developed and utilized from 1942 through the end of the war. It also covers the neutral grays developed in late 1944 as a result of a shortage of blue pigment. These neutral grays were used in combination with each other and with the earlier purple-blues. Also included are prewar Mahogany Flight Deck Stain as used on the early carriers – LANGLEY, the LEXINGTON and YORKTOWN classes, and WASP; and Mountbatten Pink Dark as used on some USN destroyers.

This set contains 30 chips on three sheets and covers the following colors:

Prewar (1920s - 1930s)

Mahogany Flight 
Deck Stain


Mountbatten Pink (Dark)

Brown 1A   Green 1A
Brown 2A   Green 2A
Brown 3A   Green 3A
Brown 4A   Green 4A

1943 Early Greens

5-HG Haze Green
5-OG Ocean Green
5-NG Navy Green
20-G Deck Green

1943 Revised Greens

5-PG Pale Green
5-LG Light Green
5-HG Haze Green (revised)     
5-OG Ocean Green (revised)
5-NG Navy Green (revised)


#1 Green   #2 Green
#3 Green   #4 Brown

1944-1945 Neutral Grays

#46 Outside Gray         #11 Outside Gray
#37 Light Gray 5-L      #7 Navy Gray 5-N
#27 Haze Gray 5-H     #4 Deck Gray 20
#17 Ocean Gray

Imperial Japanese Navy Set #1
Price: $15.00

CCCIjn2_sheet.jpg (362737 bytes)In comparison to its two main adversaries – the U.S. Navy and the Royal Navy – the Imperial Japanese Navy developed little in the way of camouflage schemes, and utilized a much smaller range of colors. Camouflage schemes saw some use on units assigned to the Aleutians, on seaplane tenders, armed merchant cruisers and merchant ships, and in the late war years on some cruisers and aircraft carriers. Of primary interest to modelers of the IJN is the fact that the four principal navy yards – Kure, Sasebo, Maizuru, and Yokosuka – utilized gray paints that differed somewhat in shade. Thus the modeler desiring greatest accuracy must conduct enough research to know which yard a given ship was assigned to or refitted and repaired. This set of paint chips provides all four grays, and as a bonus we also include a partial list of IJN ships and dates they underwent construction or major refits at these yards. The set also provides two greens used on aircraft carriers later in the war, as well as a tan used in combination with the greens and grays for flight deck camouflage. The final color provided – linoleum – was not a paint color, but rather the molded-in color of the linoleum used on the weather decks of some ships. All colors were carefully matched to Japanese sources.

This set contains 10 chips on a single sheet and covers the following colors:

Sasebo Naval Arsenal Gray
Kure Naval Arsenal Gray
Maizuru Naval Arsenal Gray
Yokosuka Naval Arsenal Gray
Type 1 Camouflage 
Type 2 Camouflage
Type 21 Camouflage
Type 22 Camouflage
Deck Tan

Imperial Japanese Navy Set #2
Price: $15.00

This set contains 10 chips on a single sheet and covers the following colors:

Sasebo Gray (B), (C), (D)

Kure Gray (B), (C)

Maizuru Gray (B)

Green Camo Type 21 (B), Linoleum  (B), (C)

Anti-Fouling/Hull Bottom (A), (B)



Royal Navy Set 1
Price: $20.00

CCCRn1_1.jpg (356532 bytes)CCCRn1_2.jpg (365088 bytes)The Royal Navy entered World War II with its ships wearing one of four peacetime paint schemes, depending upon the command to which they were attached. By early 1940 the Home Fleet began to repaint in colors and schemes designed to conceal the ships against a land background, and other striking and unofficial schemes followed. The initial official camouflage was the First Admiralty Disruptive Type, which appeared in early 1941. This first set of Royal Navy World War II ship paint chips covers the colors in use from the prewar period through the end of 1941, and therefore provides those colors used in the various unofficial schemes and patterns as well as in the First Admiralty Disruptive Type. These chips have been carefully matched to Admiralty-issued paint chips or actual samples from ships’ paint lockers when available, or to the 1929 Munsell Book of Color as specified by noted author Alan Raven. Modelers are referred to Alan Raven’s “The Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-1945 Part III: British Camouflage in World War II,” in Plastic Ship Modeler, 1997/1 (Plastic Ship Modeler is published by Daniel H. Jones, P.O. Box 2183, Arvada CO 80001-2183), and to Alan Raven’s upcoming series of books on Royal Navy Camouflage to be published by WR Press and available from Snyder & Short Enterprises.

This set contains 22 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

507A (1920)
507B (1940)
507C (1920)
B-5 (1941)
B-6 (1941)
PB-10 (1940)
Western Approaches Blue (1941)
Western Approaches Green (1941)
Pink (1941)
Mountbatten Pink, Light (1940)
Mountbatten Pink, Dark (1940)
MS-1 (1941)
MS-2 (1941)
MS-3 (1941)
MS-4 (1941)
MS-4a (1941)
Dark Brown (1940)
Light Green (1940)
Berwick Blue (1941)
Dark Blue (1941)
Deck Coverings

Semtex (Early War)

Royal Navy Set 2
Price: $17.00

CCCRn2_1.jpg (346051 bytes)Rn2_2.jpg (356453 bytes)By early 1942 the Royal Navy’s use of camouflage was widespread on units of all types. But late 1941 had seen the RN’s camouflage section hard at work developing colors and patterns for specific ship, geographic area, and threat types. Patterns were simplified and shapes made larger, and by mid-1942 most smaller ships had repainted in one of the new official schemes. Shortage of some pigments led to the development of new colours in the G and B series, with some of the earlier colors being superseded. Admiralty Disruptive Schemes were now promulgated in light and dark versions. The increased use of radar led in very late 1943 to the development of very simplified camouflage designs which came into use in 1944 and lasted to the end of the war. Disruptive patterns largely disappeared during this period. This set of paint chips covers the colors issued after 1941, In addition, it includes an alternate B5 and B6 from those included in our Royal Navy Set 1; the alternate colors were matched to the original hand-painted camouflage design sheets for HMS Farndale. The set also includes prewar Buff, and a Mountbatten Pink matched to a sample provided by the Royal Navy to the U.S. Navy in 1942, presumably for use on Royal Navy vessels undergoing repair in U.S. shipyards. All colors have been carefully matched to Admiralty-issued paint chips or actual samples from ships’ paint lockers when available, to HMS Farndale’s design sheets, or to the 1929 Munsell Book of Color as specified by noted author, Alan Raven. Modelers are referred to Alan Raven’s “The Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-1945 Part III: British Camouflage in World War II,” in Plastic Ship Modeler, 1997/1 (Plastic Ship Modeler is published by Daniel H. Jones, P.O. Box 2183, Arvada CO 80001-2183), and to Alan Raven’s upcoming series of books on Royal Navy Camouflage to be published by WR Press and available from Snyder & Short Enterprises.

This set contains 16 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

B5 (HMS Farndale)
B6 (HMS Farndale)
Mountbatten Pink (RN to the USN)
Semtex (Late War)

Royal Navy Set 3
Price: $20.00

CCCRN3_1.jpg (346051 bytes)CCCRN3_2.jpg (356453 bytes)Designed for the ship modeler, historian, or maritime artist, requiring accuracy of colour, this third set of the Royal Navy covers a variety of subjects.

B55(1943), B30(1943), and B20(1943) are from Admiralty shade cards and are the colour specifications for the 1943 period. The actual colours changed later in the war, but kept the same names. G55 and B40 were also Admiralty colours. G55 was used in late war Western Approaches and some Admiralty Standard schemes in place of B55. Use of B40 is not documented, but we included the colour because it did exist at one time.

We've included three Australian colours. The HMAS Murchison wore two of these on her superstructure and hull. Our Chicago Blue sample is from a paint stick saved by the gentleman who used it to stir the paint.

The Submarine HMS Storm wore a camouflage scheme of two colours. Our samples are from her paint locker.

We have colours used on specific Corvettes. Honeysuckle Blue is a 10% reflectance version of B5, and was used on her and other Corvettes.  HMS Burdock and HMS Alisma wore a Yellow and Blue pattern in the South Atlantic. The colour faded quickly in service, becoming a yellow-tinged, off-white colour.

Rockingham Blue is from the lend-lease four piper. Montgomery Blue-green was created by HMS Montgomery's captain, who ordered Western Approaches Blue and Western Approaches Green mixed together to create a colour he liked.

The last three colours are from the paint lockers of HMS Jamaica, Nigeria, and Arethusa.

All colors have been carefully matched to Admiralty-issued paint chips or actual samples from ships’ paint lockers when available, or to the 1929 Munsell Book of Color as specified by noted author, Alan Raven. Modelers are referred to Alan Raven’s “The Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-1945 Part III: British Camouflage in World War II,” in Plastic Ship Modeler, 1997/1 (Plastic Ship Modeler is published by Daniel H. Jones, P.O. Box 2183, Arvada CO 80001-2183), and to Alan Raven’s series of books on Royal Navy Camouflage published by WR Press and available from Snyder & Short Enterprises.

This set contains 20 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

B30 (1943)
B20 (1943)
G45 Neutral Tone
HMAS Murchison Upperworks
HMAS Murchison Hull
Chicago Blue (RAN)
Sub. Storm, Light
Sub. Storm, Dark
Honeysuckle Blue
Burdock Yellow
Burdock Blue
Rockingham Blue
Montgomery Blue-Green
Alternate Western Approaches Blue
Jamaica Hull Panel (1944)
Nigeria MS2
Arethusa Light Mountbatten Pink

Regina Marina Set
Price: $12.00

CCCRegina_Marina.jpg (371082 bytes)Designed for the ship modeler desiring the greatest accuracy, as well as for the naval historian or maritime artist, the Regina Marina World War II ship paint chips covers the colors used by Italian Navy surface ships and submarines.  All colors have been matched for us by Dr. Maurizio Brescia to original paint chips. All colors were matched to eliminate metamerism, and will therefore match the original in any light.

This set contains 10 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

Grigio Scuro (Dark Gray)
Grigio Chiaro (Light Gray)
Blu Scuro (Dark Blue)
Azzurro (Light Blue)
Marrone Verdastro (Greenish Dark Brown for Submarines)
Grigio-azzurro chiaro (Light Blue-Gray for Submarines)
Verde Chiaro (Light Green)
Giallo Verde (Light Yellow-Green
Bianco Sporco Opaco (Matt Foul White)
Rosso (Red Forecastle Stripes)

Kreigsmarine Set #1

This set contains 23 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:
Prewar / Early War Colors:
Hellgrau 50 used on superstructure and upperworks;
Dunkelgrau 51, used on hull
Baltic Scheme Colors:
Hellgrau: used on superstructure and upperworks;
Mittelgrau: used on hull;
Dunkelgrau: used on bow and stern panels;
Identification stripes were black and white.
Underwater Hull and Boot-topping colors:
Dunkelblaugrau: underwater dark blue gray, also used as an alternative boot topping;
Schiffsbodenfarbe III Rot 5: underwater red;
Schiffsbodenfarbe: an alterate underwater red;
Schiffsbodenfarbe III Grau 1: boot-topping
Norwegian Colors:
Dunkelgrau (Blaugrau, Dunkel): dark blue-gray, 5% reflectance;
Mittelblaugrau (Blaugrau, Mittel): medium blue-gray, 20% reflectance;
Hellblaugrau (Blaugrau, Hell): light blue-gray, similar in tone to Royal Navy AP507C, which is a 45% reflectance.
Other Colors:
Aluminumbronze 16: a metallic paint used on funnel caps;
Dunkelgrau 2;
Deckfarbe Gelb 13: yellow turret tops;
Schnellbootweiss: used on S-boats and in camouflage patterns on other vessels;
Rostschutzfarbe Graugrun 12: used on torpedo boats during the 1930s;
Dunkelblau 9.

Kreigsmarine Set #2

CCCkriegsmarine2-1.jpg (391391 bytes)CCCkriegsmarine2-2.jpg (422544 bytes)Designed for the ship modeler as well as for the naval historian or maritime artist, this first Kriegsmarine paint chip set has been carefully matched to RAL color cards or mixed according to documentary sources.  

A caveat about this first Kriegsmarine color set.  We have had to rely on the limited original sources available.  We used research materials generated by Flak Pletscher, the autors Jung/Abendroth/Kelling and their book Anstriche und Tarmanstriche der deutschen Kriegsmarine, second edition, and archival chips and material sent to the RAL Institute by Wilhemshaven.  The colors in the ATDK book are based on an examination of color cards returned to the Bundesarchive by the Russians in the 1990s.  We have used cross-references of the World War 2 colors to the  RAL colors.  All colors were matched to eliminate metamerism and will therefore match the original in any light. 

Finally, German paints emphasized durability and chemical resistance over color fidelity.  The modeler thus has some poetic license when matching colors for his or her models.  

This set contains 20 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

Camouflage Paints for Ships on the Open Sea

30 Weiss
31.1 Hellgrau
32.1 Nebelgrau
32.2 Blaugrau, mittel
32.3 Blaugrau, dunkel
33.1 Hellblau
33.3 Dunkelblau
34.3 Graugrün, Dunkel
Camouflage Paints for Ships in Coastal Waters

31.4 Steingrau
33.2 Mittel Blau
35.1 Hellgrün
35.3 Dunkelgrün
36.1 Hell Braun
36.3 Dunkel Braun
Petrol-Proof Coatings

58 Schickgrau
58.1 Blaugrau
58.2 Blauschwarz
Other Colors:

10 Deckfarbe Braun, Persenning Farbe
11 Deckfarbe Grün, Chromgrün
12 Deckfarbe Ockergelb


WEMpaint_pic2.jpg - 0 Bytes



 COLOURCOAT PAINTS, 14ml Tinlets, Enamel paints (like Humbrols). These paints are made in ENGLAND. All colors are matched to the Snyder & Short Color Chip Cards.

Price $3.65 per tin.


WEM-US01 Prewar #5 Standard Navy Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US02 Prewar #20 Standard Deck Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US03 Early 1941 5-L Light Gray
WEM-US04 Early 1941 5-D Dark Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US05 Late 1941 5-H Haze Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US06 Late 1941 5-O Ocean Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US07 5-S Sea Blue - SOLD OUT
WEM-US08 5-N Navy Blue - SOLD OUT
WEM-US09 5-B Thayer Blue
WEM-US10 1942 Revised Deck Blue 20-B - SOLD OUT
WEM-US11 Flight Deck Stain 21
WEM-US12 5-P Pale Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US13 1943 5-L Light Gray
WEM-US14 Anti-Fouling Norfolk Red 65A - SOLD OUT
WEM-US15 Mahogany Flight Deck Stain
WEM-US16 20-G Deck Green
WEM-US17 5-HG Haze Green
WEM-US18 5-L Light Green Revised
WEM-US19 5-OG Ocean Green
WEM-US20 5-NG Navy Green - SOLD OUT
WEM-US21 5-PG Pale Green revised
WEM-US22 #1 Green - SOLD OUT
WEM-US23 #2 Green - SOLD OUT
WEM-US24 #3 Green - SOLD OUT
WEM-US25 #4 Brown - SOLD OUT
WEM-US26 MTB Green
WEM-US27 Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain
WEM-US28 Late WWII #27 Neutral Haze Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-US29 Tropical Green
WEM-US31 #17 Neutral Ocean Gray
WEM-US32 #46 Neutral Outside Gray (1945)
WEM-US33 #37 Neutral 5-L Light Gray (1945) - SOLD OUT
WEM-US34 #11 Neutral Outside Gray (1945)
WEM-US35 #7 Neutral 5-N Navy Gray (1945) - SOLD OUT
WEM-US36 #4 Neutral Deck Gray 20 (1945) - SOLD OUT


WEM-M03 Modern USN Haze Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-M04 Modern USN Deck Gray - SOLD OUT
WEM-M05 Modern USN Flight Deck Gray
WEM-M06 Modern Anti-fouling Hull Red - SOLD OUT


WEM-C02 Matt Black
WEM-C03 Matt White
WEM-C04 Aluminum
WEM-C05 Silver


This 8 page pamphlet list USN ships in Measure 31-33 pattern designs. Gives Measure and design numbers. This way you can match up to the Camouflage Design Shhets for the ship your looking for.

Order # CAMOLIST $3.00

Ships Concealment Camouflage Instructions

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The US Navy publication (NAVSHIPS 250-374) is now available in CD format. This January 1953 publication was the first released since the "Ships-2" instructions of 1945. It covers both surface ships and submarines, which is more then 80% of the book. Original format was 10x13", 88 Pages. Order Number: CD-CAMO1953 Price $19.95

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