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WARSHIP'S DATA SERIES By Pictorial Histories:

PHDD661.jpg - 0 Bytes

USS KIDD DD661 by Thomas F. Walkowiak and Robert F. Sumrall. The USS Kidd DD661 was a typical unit of the Fletcher class. In number, the Fletchers were the largest class in the US Navy's World War Two destroyer force. The first orders for the Fletchers were placed in June 1940 and orders continued through August 1942. A total of 175 were built and all were in commission by September 1944. A history of the famous destroyer. She is now a museum in Baton Rouge, LA and is restored to her WW2 configuration. Soft cover, 8 1/2x11 format 36 pages, 45 photos, profile line drawing, full color center spread. ISBN:0-929521-29-3 price $9.95 CD ONLY .pdf format

PHBB61.jpg - 0 Bytes

USS IOWA BB61 by Robert F. Sumrall and line drawings by Thomas F. Walkowiak. The USS IOWA BB61 was the lead ship of the class of six fast battleships ordered by the US Navy during WW2. Only four were commissioned and all saw action in WW2. These were the most powerful battleships built by the United States and some say the most handsome of all battleships. All saw service until the early 1990's. This book covers the USS IOWA BB61 from building until her decommissioning in the early 1990's. Soft cover, 54 pages, 94 photos, profile line drawings and full color center spread. ISBN:0-933126-77-8 price $9.95 CD ONLY .pdf format

PHFLEETSS.jpg - 0 Bytes

FLEET SUBMARINES OF WW2 by Thomas F. Walkowiak. This book covers the design and equipment of the Gato and Balao class submarine of WW2. A complete listing of all ships in the class. Soft cover, 48 pages, 84 photos, full color center spread. ISBN:933126-72-7 price $9.95

PHDE.jpg - 0 Bytes

DESTROYER ESCORTS OF WW2 by Thomas F. Walkowiak. Covers all DE classes of WW2 built for the US Navy from 1940 to 1945. These famous ships saw action in all oceans of the world during the war. This book covers the types, equipment and design of these ships. Soft cover, 48 pages, 76 photos, full color center spread. ISBN:0-9331126-88-3 price $9.95

Plus we carry these other books from Pictorial Histories.

PHBB36.jpg - 0 Bytes

Two Ocean Battleship U.S.S. Nevada (BB-36)

by Harvey M. Beigel

81/2 x 11 format, 92 pages, photos, maps and drawings, full color dust jacket, sb

8-1/2x11, 196 pgs., 192 photos, maps, sb. $14.95 ISBN 0-933126-57-3


PHCV10.jpg - 0 Bytes

The Fighting Lady

by Clark Reynolds

The New Yorktown (CV-10) in the Pacific War - The epic story of the aircraft carrier which dominated the greatest sea war of all time as told by the men who sailed and fought on her.

8-1/2x11, 360 pgs., 160 photos, sb. $19.95 ISBN 0-933126-78-6

PHQE1.jpg - 0 Bytes

Gray Ghost

by Steve Harding

The R.M.S. Queen Mary at War Over a military career that lasted 79 months, the majestic Queen Mary had traveled over 600,000 miles, transported almost 800,000 human beings and played a major role in virtually every allied campaign of the war without ever having been attacked.

8-1/2x11, 92 pgs., 72 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-933126-26-3


PHDD724.jpg - 0 Bytes

The Ship That Would Not Die

by F. Julian Becton, Rear Admiral, USN, Ret. with Joseph Morschauser III

The USS Laffey suffered the most intensive Japanese Kamikaze air attack ever.

Fort Drum, El Fraile Island, Manila Bay This book traces the history of this little-known World War II fort site which now lies abandoned and severely damaged in Manila Bay.

8-1/2x11, 64 pgs., 80 photos, maps, sb. $8.95 ISBN 0-929521-06-4  

PHITALIAN.jpg - 0 Bytes

Regia Marina

by Erminio Bagnasco and Mark Grossman

Italian Battleships of World War Two, A Pictorial History

11x8-1/2, 74 pgs., 120 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-933126-75-1


PHDESTKY.jpg - 0 Bytes

Destination Tokyo

by Stan Cohen

A Pictorial History of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid, April 18, 1942

One of the most daring and dangerous missions of World War II.

8-1/2x11, 136 pgs., 165 photos, maps, sb. $12.95 ISBN 0-933126-29-8


PHEMENY.jpg - 0 Bytes

Enemy on Island, Issue in Doubt

by Stan Cohen

The Capture of Wake Island, December 1941

The heroic defense of Wake Island in the chaotic days of December 1941 was an inspiration to all Americans.

8-1/2x11, 116 pgs., 180 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-933126-39-5


PHGHOST.jpg - 0 Bytes

Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon

by William H. Stewart

An Account of 'Operation Hailstone,' February 1944

The site of a major Japanese naval base in February 1944, today a skin divers mecca of sunken ships.

7x10, 142 pgs., 60 photos & maps, 3 pgs. color, sb. $12.95 IBSN 0-933126-66-2t

East Wind Rain

by Stan Cohen

A Pictorial History of the Pearl Harbor Attack

The most comprehensive pictorial history of the attack ever published.

8-1/2x11, 308 pgs., over 500 photos, maps, inside color pages, sb. $16.95 ISBN 0-933126-15-8


PHBBCTY.jpg - 0 Bytes

Battleship Country

by Harvey M. Beigel

The Battle Fleet at San Pedro-Long Beach, California History of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in California before its move to Pearl Harbor in 1940.

8-1/2x11, 76 pgs., 85 photos, map, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-30-1


PHAMBB.jpg - 0 Bytes

American Battleships

by Max R. Newhart

A Pictorial History of BB-1 to BB-71 with prototypes Maine & Texas

8-1/2x11, 112 pgs., 133 photos and drawings, sb. $9.95 ISBN 1-57510-004-5


PHAMCA.jpg - 0 Bytes

American Cruisers of World War II

by Steve Ewing

A Pictorial Encyclopedia

8-1/2x11, 152 pgs., 148 photos, sb. $12.95 ISBN 0-933126-51-4


PHCV6.jpg - 0 Bytes

USS Cassin Young (DD-793)

by J. Scott Harmon

A Fletcher Class Destroyer

11x8-1/2, 54 pgs., 55 photos, color ship profile, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-58-1


PHCV16.jpg - 0 Bytes

The 'Lady Lex' and the 'Blue Ghost'

by Steve Ewing

A Pictorial History of the USS Lexington (CV-2 & CV-16)

11x8-1/2, 48 pgs., 55 photos, sb. $7.95 ISBN0-933126-35-2

Warship Series

by Myron J. Smith

All books are 11x8-1/2 and contain a color ship profile.


PHBB48.jpg - 0 Bytes

Mountaineer Battlewagon

U.S.S. West Virginia (BB-48)

48 pgs., 55 photos, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-16-6  

PHBB38.jpg - 0 Bytes

Keystone Battlewagon

U.S.S. Pennsylvania (BB-38)

48 pgs., 53 photos, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-27-1

  PHBB44.jpg - 0 Bytes

Golden State Battlewagon U.S.S.

California (BB-44)

44 pgs., 50 photos, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-37-9  

PHBB46.jpg - 0 Bytes

Free State Battlewagon

U.S.S. Maryland (BB-46)

48 pgs., 66 photos, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-76-X

PHCA135.jpg - 0 Bytes

USS Los Angeles
(CA - 135)

Cold war sentinel

208pgs., 62 photos,drawings & maps, sb. $9.95 ISBN 1-57510-067-3

The Forgotten War Series A Pictorial History of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada

by Stan Cohen PHFW1.jpg - 0 Bytes

The Forgotten War Volume One

8-1/2x11, 272 pgs., over 300 maps and photos, sb. $16.95 ISBN 0-933126-13-1

  PHFW2.jpg - 0 Bytes

The Forgotten War Volume Two

8-1/2x11, 264 pgs., 500 photos and maps, sb. $16.95 ISBN 0-933126-70-0  

PHFW3.jpg - 0 Bytes

The Forgotten War Volume Three

8-1/2x11, 264 pgs., over 500 photos and maps, sb. $16.95 ISBN 0-929521-30-7  

PHFW4.jpg - 0 Bytes

The Forgotten War Volume Four

8-1/2x11, 242 pgs., 500 photos and maps, sb. $16.95 ISBN 0-929521-64-1

  PHWINGS.jpg - 0 Bytes

Wings to the Orient

by Stan Cohen

Pan American Clipper Planes, 1935-1945

The definitive pictorial history of the three flying boats that were used by Pan American Airways to open the Pacific and Orient to air travel in the 1930s.

8-1/2x11, 224 pgs., 304 photos, sb. $14.95 ISBN 0-933126-61-1


postage and handling extra for all the above books.



PLAN BOOKS exclusively by The Floating Drydock

All three of our PRINTED PAPER VERSIONS of the plan books, GATO/BALAO, Fletcher Class, and MISSOURI are OUT of PRINT. However we released them bigger and better in CD format. See listing below.


To add to our EXCLUSIVE Plan eBooks, we are producing sets of CD with a pick of details photos from our collection. Each CD will contain about anywhere between 50 and 100 + views. These copyrighted sets are exclusively by The Floating Drydock.

Early WW2 Gato class Submarine SS212-284, 1941-43 only. Available Now Order # PSSS212-A $19.95 For PC type PC's, will not open on MACS.

WW2 BALAO class Submarines SS285-411, 1943-1946 only. 312 pages, 200 + photos PDF format, Order # PSSS285-A $19.95

USN TENCH class Submarines SS417 class from WW2 to Guppy. 209 pages, 100+ photos PDF format #PSSS417 $19.95


USN USS ARKANSAS BB33, New York, BB34 and Texas BB35 Battleships, 200+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB33  $19.95

USN USS PENNSYLVANIA BB38 class BB's, 240 photos, PDF format, #PSBB38  $19.95

USN  USS NEW MEXICO BB40 class BB's, 240+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB40  $19.95

USN USS COLORADO BB45 Class BB's, 270+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB45  $19.95

USN USS SOUTH DAKOTA BB57 Class, 240+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB57  $19.95


USN USS ALASKA CB1 class, 69+ photos, PDF format, #PSCB1  $19.95


USN USS CASABLANCA CVE 55  class Escort Carriers, 280+ photos, PDF format, #PSCVE55   $19.95

USN USS SANGAMON CVE26 class & USS CHARGER CVE30, 100 photos, PDF format CD, #PSCVE26  $19.95

USN USS INDEPENDENCE CVL22 & SAIPAN CVL48 class Light Carriers, 270+ photos, PDF format,  #PSCVL22  $19.95

more to come soon....


USN SALT LAKE CITY CA24 & Northampton class Heavy Cruisers.  273 pages, 270+ photos, PDF format CD # PSCA24  $19.95

USN PORTLAND CA33 class Heavy Cruisers.  100 pages,  95+ photos, PDF format CD #PSCA33   $19.95

USN NEW ORLEANS CA32 Class Heavy Cruisers 205+ photos, PDF format CD, 100+ pages, #PSCA32  $19.95

USN BALTIMORE CA68 / OREGON CA122 class Heavy Cruisers 330+ photos, PDF format CD, #PSCA68  $19.95


USN FLETCHER DD445 Class ROUND BRIDGE ONLY 800+ photos, PDF format DVD, PSDD445R $30.00

USN FLETCHER DD445 Class SQUARE BRIDGE ONLY 800+ photos, PDF format DVD, PSDD445R $30.00

updated 25 April 2014


Reprint in CD (.pdf) format.

This book covers the USS MISSOURI BB63 from building to Korea. First published in 1986 by Pictorial Histories. This book has been out of print for many years. A must for the model builder. 60 black & white photos plus several color photos. Camouflage pattern drawing and a two full length color renderings.

Order # FD-WD2 Price $10.95



FDCAMO1.jpg - 0 Bytes




This is the first time an extensive compilation of USN camouflage has been made available. Based on official pattern designs and instructions, it also includes many never before seen photographs.

While this book is aimed primarily at the period of greatest interest, WW2, it includes prewar as well as post- war experiments and instructions-from 1937 to 1953.

The cover is full color, the remainder of the 56 page book is black and white. Over 12 pages are devoted to pattern designs showing; port and starboard sides, bow, stern, deck plan, plus perpendicular superstructure and turret patterns. Each color, of every pattern shape, is indicated. Pictures accompany the drawings pointing out whether or not the design was followed, color variations, etc.

All 47 pictures are bleed, several are full page, many are aerial close-ups.

The mixing proportions of the paints are included in the instructions in which they were released.

Each chapter deals with a period of time when significant camouflage instructions were released to the fleet. Each is in chronological order enabling the reader to see how practices were changed or reintroduced, and at times, even contradictcd previous specifications. One chapter alone covers ship yard painting and undercoating instructions.

ISBN: 0-944055-01-X $15.95

Printed and Published only by THE FLOATING DRYDOCK
Copyright ) 1976, 1988 and 2023 by THE FLOATING DRYDOCK
Drawings by T. Walkowiak
Design and layout by L. Sowinski


FDCAMO2.jpg - 0 Bytes
Our newly re-printed camouflage 2, which has been out of print for several years is now available in CD format. This companion to our Camouflage 1 (see above) covers the US Navy's Fleet Carriers of WW2. This book goes into great detail on the dazzle camouflage applied to Fleet and Light Carriers. Camouflage 2 has been expanded and with over 143 photographs!! Each chapter is built around an official USN master design drawing. Each carrier (wearing that specific design) is then shown in numerous photographs, enabling the dazzle pattern to be viewed from several different angles. This includes aerial as well as sea level views.

Most photographs have never before been seen. Some are action pictures, and some full page. Some are invaluable close-ups showing structure, radar and rigging details. Additionally, there is a special supplemental chapter. It updates those schemes (discussed in the first book) of which we have uncovered material.

Copyright@1977, 1996, 2005 and 2023 only by The Floating Drydock
Drawings by Thomas F. Walkowiak
Layout and design by Larry Sowinski

Order # CAMO2 $17.95

Ships Concealment Camouflage Instructions

d72-.jpg - 0 Bytes
The US Navy publication (NAVSHIPS 250-374) is now available in CD format. This January 1953 publication was the first released since the "Ships-2" instructions of 1945. It covers both surface ships and submarines, which is more then 80% of the book. Original format was 10x13", 88 Pages. Order Number: CD-CAMO1953 Price $19.95

P18a-1.jpg - 0 Bytes

Admirable Class Minesweepers of World War Two PLAN eBOOK

Available NOW, Orders being taken now. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Price $25.95 Order Number: AM136PB-CD


We are now taking orders for this new release.

Using the printed version, we expanded it to a e-book on a CD. Shown are about 100 drawings and over 100 photographs. This eBook depicts the ship as of Sept. 2, 1945 at Tokyo Bay.  This eBook covers the entire exterior views of the ship in great detail. The perfect book for the model builder. The eBook is now available. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Price $32.95 plus $6.80 Priority shipping in the US and $32.00 for overseas Priority shipping. This is an ABODE version. Order Number: BBPB-CD

P2a-1.jpg - 0 Bytes

CANNON / EDSALL Class Destroyer Escorts of World War Two PLAN eBOOK

Available NOW, Orders being taken now. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. $25.95 Order Number: DE129PB-CD

Buckley class Destroyer Escort (DE51) PLAN eBook

This eBook covers the Buckley class destroyer escorts of WW2. This book will covers the class and wartime modifications and all exterior equipment. With 100's of drawings and photographs this is a great asset to the model builder. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Order # DE51PB

Cannon/Edsall class Destroyer Escorts (DE129) PLAN eBook

This eBook covers the Cannon and Edsall class destroyer escorts of WW2. This book will cover both classes and wartime modifications and all exterior equipment. With 100's of drawings and photographs this is a great assist to the model builder. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Order # DE129PB



Gato/Balao class Submarine of World War Two PLAN eBOOK

We take great pride to introduce our all new GATO & BALAO class Submarine Plan eBook in CD format. This is a rework of the original printed version, which has been out of print for several years. This is a complete exterior plan guide of these famous submarines of WW2. Shown are about 150 drawings of ALL exterior parts of these two classes of ?Boats?. Also, 140 photographs complement the drawings as you move down the sub?s exterior from the ?Bull Nose? to the ?Turtle Back?. All exterior equipment, ordnance and many variations of the bridge fairwater are included. General arrangements are in 1/8?=1? (1/96) scale. Many larger. This IS the most complete book on this subject ever published. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Order Number: SSPB-CD $29.95 plus $6.80 US Shipping and $32.00 Overseas.

This is an ABODE version.

FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view this eBook. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can click here to download it for free.


To add to our exclusive outstanding Plan eBook series, The Floating Drydock produces exclusive sets of CD with a pick of detailed photos from our collection. Each CD will contain about anywhere between 50 and 100 + views.

Early WW2 Gato class Submarine SS212-284, 1941-43 only. Available Now Order # PSSS212-A $19.95



Fletcher Class Destroyers of World War Two PLAN eBOOK

Available now, Orders being taken now. $29.95 Order Number: DDPB-CD

Many more added photographs then the old printed version.

General arrangements are in 1/8?=1? (1/96) scale. Many larger. This IS the most complete book on this subject ever published. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023.

The format is Adobe. Order Number: DDPB-CD $27.95 plus $6.80 US Shipping and $32.00 Overseas.


Sumner / Gearing Class Destroyers of World War Two PLAN eBOOK

Available NOW, Orders being taken now. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Price $27.95 Order Number: DD692PB-CD

General arrangements are in 1/8?=1? (1/96) scale. Many larger. This IS the most complete book on this subject ever published. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Order Number: DD692PB-CD Price $27.95 plus $6.80 US Shipping and $32.00 Overseas.

This is an ADOBE Version.


bb63-0.jpg - 173918 Bytes

Gibbs & Cox Model of the USS MISSOURI BB63 PHOTOS

We have produced a CD with close-up views of the Gibbs and Cox model. Most of the photos were taken when the glass case was removed when the model was built in 1950. This self-extracting CD contains about 33 detailed photos. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Order number CDBB63-1 $14.95

US NAVY FLETCHER Class Destroyers in WW II Dazzle Camouflage

by C.Lee Johnson
This 76 page book covers all the Dazzle Camo Patterns of the Fletchers. Along with chapter text explaining the pattern used for which ships and about 142 photo, makes this a great reference book. Available only from The Floating Drydock. Limited Syply. Order number: DD445-391-X $32.95

FDBOATS-1.jpg - 0 Bytes

US Navy Boats are Here by The Floating Drydock

From 9 foot dinghy to 73 foot mechanized landing craft and noise measuring boats

Punts, rescue boats, motor launches, whaleboats, landing craft, workboats, pickets, tenders and target boats are just a few of the U.S. Navy boats illustrated in this book. This is an official U.S. Navy, 1960 publication that we reprinted and added some photos to expand coverage to better illustrate some of the eighty eight excellent overhead and profile line drawings.
Includes many of the classic ship's boats used in the 1920's, 30's and 40's. While especially handy for naval enthusiasts of all periods, this book is indispensable to the warship modelers since it shows details not included on official ship's plans. The book is 104 pages.

Order # BOATS Price  CD FORMAT ONLY  .pdf  $12.95

FDSUBID.jpg - 0 Bytes

SUBMARINE ID BOOK by The Floating Drydock

This reprint of the US Navy's 1955 ID manual on all submarines of the world navies. A good basic book for the submarine buff of that peroid.

Order # SUBID Price $6.95


NAVAL SHIPS TECHNICAL MANUAL/Boats and lifesaving craft by The Floating Drydock

This 48 page booklet in .pdf CD, is a reproduction of a official US Navy manual dated September 1968. It list all small boats used by the US Navy at that time. It also list other types of lifesaving equipment. It shows proper markings, data and other information that can be used by the model builder.
Note: This is a pdf. format document.

FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view this flyer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can click here to download it for free.

Order # N9820 Price $12.00




U.S. Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts

The SUMMARY OF WAR DAMAGE series are reprints of the official US Navy publications released during and after WW2. This summary list all damaged or sunk ships by war action. It gives a brief narrative and diagram of each action telling when, where, why and how each vessel received damage or was sunk.  The Floating Drydock will be adding to this sereis in the not to distant future. On CD ONLY PDF format.
Order # Dates Price
SWD1 10/41-12/42 $8.00
SWD2 12/42-12/43 $8.00
SWD3 12/43-12/44 $12.00
SWD4 12/44-10/45 $15.000

FDSWD5.jpg - 0 Bytes


Same as above for US Submarines from 7 December 1941 to 15 August 1945.

Order # SWD5 Price $9.95

FDCL51-1.jpg - 0 Bytes

USS JUNEAU CL(AA) 52 by The Floating Drydock

This 44 page page book loaded with 45 photographs covers the history and lost of the USS Juneau CLAA52. Includes a detailed line drawing center fold out showing a OUTBOARD PROFILE in great detail.

Exclusively available from The Floating Drydock. Copyright 2023. Order #CL52 Price $15.95


postage and handling extra for all the above books.


These warship pictorial's cover a ship with large excellent reproduced photographs, line drawings, camouflage information, history and tables. Ideal for the 1/700 and 1/350 scale model builder the each book contains drawings in various time frames with deck drawings and profiles. These books are a must for your collection. Each book is 56 pages, Soft Cover, 8 1/2x11, Black & White photos. Some are very rare and still available on at The Floating Drydock.

February 2023 NOTE: We have used file copies of some titles we are selling off at various prices due to the collector value. All are complete and in new condition.

No. 1 USS INDIANAPOLIS CA35 (Out of Print) Check for Availability
CWCA36.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 2 USS MINNEAPOLIS CA36 (Out of Print) Price $49.00 Check for Availability
CWCA28.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 3 USS LOUISVILLE CA28 (Out of Print)
CWBB35.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 4 USS TEXAS CLASS BATTLESHIPS (Out of Print) Used $15.95 Check for Availability

CWCL10.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 6 USS OMAHA CLASS CL's (Out of Print) Price $39.00 Check for Availability
CWCA32.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 7 NEW ORLEANS CLASS CRUISERS (Out of Print) Price $68.00 Check for Availability
CWCA139.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 8 USS SALEM CA139 (Out of Print) Price $69.00 Check for Availability
CWCV5.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 9 YORKTOWN CLASS CARRIERS (Out of Print) Price $99.00 Check for Availability
CWCA35.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 10 INDIANAPOLIS CA35 & PORTLAND CA33 (Out of Print) Price $19.00 Check for Availability
No. 11 LEXINGTON CLASS & PORTLAND CA33 (Out of Print) Price $79.00 Check for Availability
CWDD421.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 12 BENSON/GLEAVES CLASS DD's (Out of Print) Price $39.00 Check for Availability

CWKONGO.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 13 IJN KONGO CLASS Battleships (Out of Print) Price $49.00 Check for Availability

CWCA45.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 14 USS WICHITA CA45 Price $53.95 Check for Availability
CWBB62.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 16 USS NEW JERSEY BB62 (Out of Print) Price $49.00 Check for Availability

CWMYOKO.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 17 IJN MYOKO Class Cruisers (Out of Print) Price $119.00 Check for Availability

CWBB40.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 18 USS NEW MEXICO BB40  (Out of Print) Price $69.00 Check for Availability

CWBISMARK.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 19 KRIEGSMARINE BISMARK (Out of Print) see No. 38 (Out of Print) Price $79.00 Check for Availability

CWHOOD.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 20 HMS HOOD (Out of Print) $88.00 Check for Availability
CWPEUGEN.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 21 KRIEGSMARINE PRINZ EUGEN (Out of Print) Price $55.00 Check for Availability)
CWTICO.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 22 USS TICONDEROGA CV,CVA,CVS  (Price $22.00)
CWITALY.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 23 ITALIAN HEAVY CRUISERS of WW2 Price $19.95
CWArleigh.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 24 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers (Out of Print) Price $67.95 (Check for Availability
CWYAMATO.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 25 IJN Yamato (Out of Print) Price $99.00 (Check for Availibility)
CW26.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 26 KM TIRPITZ (Out of Print) Price $119.95 (Check for Availibility)
CW27.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 27 KM Type VII U-boats (Out of Print) Price $46.95 (Check for Availibility)
CW28.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 28 Gato Type Fleet Submarines (Out of Print) Price $30.00 (Check for Availability)
CW29.jpg - 0 Bytes No. 29 USS NORTH CAROLINA Class BB's (Out of Print) Price $108.95 (Check for Availibitily)
Warship Pictorial 30; Wiper. The Takao class heavy cruisers - Takao, Atago, Maya and Chokai were built to nominally conform to the Washington Naval Treaty and proved to be large, fast, powerful and durable fighting ships while maintaining fine seakeeping abilities. Complete history of each vessel, its upgrades, movements and actions during WWII and their ultimate fates. Amply illustrated with more than 90 b/w photos of the ships throughout their service lives showing overall and detail aspects plus b/w detail drawings, plan and profile views.

No. No. CVB41 USS MIDWAY CVB 41 Price $21.95
This book walks the reader through the glorious history of this amazing aircraft carrier. Starting from the design and construction on through each of the ships missions. This book is a detailed portyal of the ships lengthy history produced exclusively for the USS Midway Museum.
Length: 162 pages, Price $29.95

No. 31 USS BUCHANAN DD484 (Out of Print) Price $31.00 (Check for Availibility)
Warship Pictorial 31; Wiper. 30th of the prolific Gleaves class destroyers; active throughout the US Navy's WWII Pacific campaigns; struck from the Navy list and sold to Turkey in 1949. Complete history in US service - upgrades, movements and actions during WWII resulting in 16 Battle Stars. Amply illustrated with more than 64 b/w and 11 color photos showing overall and detail aspects, general appearance, camouflage, b/w detail drawings, plan and profile views; 72 pages.


No. 32 USS SOUTH DAKOTA BB57 Class (Out of Print) Price $49.99 (Check for Availibility)

This book covers the United States Navy Second World War era battleships of the South Dakota class. These battleships were the result of the evolution of all the previous designs in the US Navy and were the second group of the Fast Battleships in the Atlantic and Pacific Wars, against both Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire. When commissioned, these warships, USS South Dakota BB-57, Indiana BB-58, Massachusetts BB-59 and Alabama BB-60 were some of the most powerful in the world. Covered in this book are all changes, refits and overhauls these ships went through, showing numerous details and differences from 1941 to the end of the war. This book is comprised of 72 pages with a total of 105 Black and White and 14 Color photos throughout. extensive and informative captions help explain each and every one of the multitude of photographs, many previously unpublished, of this class of famous US Navy WWII battleships, as well as a page of general statistics.

No. 33 USS LEXINGTON CV2 Class (Out of Print) Price $49.00 (Check for Availibility)

No. 34 USN BATTLESHIPS IN COLOR Class Price $19.95


No. 38 IJN NAGATO & MUTSU Battleships $23.95

No. 39 German Battleships 1939-1945 Battleships Price $19.95


German Battleships of the Second World War period has long been the fascination of many "Battleship" enthusiast, but strangely enough, there has never been a photo-history book published on the topic, until now. All four of the German battleships that served the Third Reich are covered in this soft bound, 72 page 130+ image photo album, arranged in a chronological format, beginning with the start of the war in Europe in September 1939 and ending in May 1945. Those battleships include SCHARNHORST, GNEISENAU, BISMARCK and the TIRPITZ. WP39 will take you on a tour of the battleships, showing how each warship appeared throughout the war, including their demise. There are many rare and quite a few "Never Before Published" photographs contained within this volume with extensive captions, calling out the warship in the image, as well as technical details and camouflage information. This book is a "Must Have" for German battleship enthusiast.


Photo history of the US Navy's first "Night Operations" aircraft carrier.  Built on the hull of the Cleveland class cruisers, the Independence was the class leader of the US Navy's new type of "Light Fleet Carrier."  Beginning operations in late 1943 against Imperial Japan in the Pacific War, she would serve with distinction throughout the war.  CVL-22 took part in all of the major campaigns in the later half of the war in the Pacific Ocean, including the Battles of Letye Gulf.  After the war's end, she was one of the target vessels in the test fleet at the Bikini Atoll for Operation Crossroads.  Surviving that, she was finally sunk of the California coast in 1951. 

This book contains 77 black & white and 4 color photos as well as a color illustration of her Measure 32 "Dazzle" camouflage within the covers of this 72 page softbound book.

Order # CW-40 : $19.95

Pete Clayton, CDR USN (Ret) is one of the leading authorities on this long serving US Navy aircraft carrier and a major contributor to the US Navy Tailhook Association Newsletter. He has put together a history of the MIDWAY from her commissioning at the last days of WWII, thru to her decommissioning in 1992, covering her 47 year career. Covered are her days in the post-WWII world of naval aviation as a straight deck carrier, the early jet aircraft era and her numerous modifications and re-configuration changes to an angled deck carrier, as well as additional flight deck expansions. Air groups, aircraft types, her deployments to all oceans of the world are all covered. The MIDWAY currently resides at the waterfront of the city of San Diego, California, as one of the greatest aircraft carrier and naval aviation museums in the USA.
This book contains 114 b/w and 4 color photos.

Author(s): Steve Wiper
Publisher: Classic Warship
Pages: 72
Language: English
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2013
Dimensions: 21 x 28 cm
Binding: Softcover

Order #  CW-41  $19.00

Warship Pictorial 42 - Round Bridge Fletcher
by Rick Davis

Publisher :  Classic Warships Publishing
Published : November 2014
PRICE $18.95
ISBN : 978-0-9857149-6-3

In 1941, the US Navy began building a fleet of large destroyers, its first design to rival the Japanese ?special type? destroyers that had first entered service more than a decade before. These "2,100-toners" became the most successful of all American destroyers, fast, roomy, capable of absorbing enormous punishment, and a flush deck design. This book covers the 58 units of the total of 175 built in the class, known as the "Round Bridge" design.  Overall, aerial and many detail images, all period photography, highlight these valiant warships that carried the US Navy through the Second World War in the Pacific.  Contained within the 72 pages and covers are 4 color photos and 122 B & W photos, most never before in print.  This book is a "must have" for any interested in the visual history of this warship type and in US Navy destroyers of the World War Two era.  Order No. #WP-42  $18.00

This book is a photographic history of the cruisers of the ALASKA class, of which three were laid down, but only two, USS ALASKA CB-1 & USS GUAM CB-2 were completed. Many have thought of these warships as battlecruisers, but the US Navy classified them as "Large Cruisers." Their completion late in the Second World War, only allowed them to see action for the last few months of the war, and they were soon retired. This book contains 72 pages of photos of the two ships completed, as well as photos of the third incomplete vessel of the class, HAWAII. A brief history on these cruisers is provided, as well as informative captions about details seen in each photograph, and statistical data on the class.  There are 6 color and 71 black & white photos are contained within the book.  #WP-43  $18.00



Warship Pictorial 44 - USS YORKTOWN CV-5
by Steve Wiper

ISBN# 978-0-9969199-0-6

WP44 - USS Yorktown CV-5 by Steve Wiper is a pictorial history of one of the more famous aircraft carriers in the US Navy. Commissioned a few years prior to WWII, she would be one of the primary contenders in Americas fight for survival in the first year of the Pacific War, The early "Hit and Run" raids, the Battle of Coral Sea, until her loss at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. Her history is covered extensively with very detailed photography of nearly every aspect of this once great warship. A written history is provided, as well as extensive captions on each photograph. Many aspects of her are pointed out in the photographs, a few of which are printed here for the first time. This book is yet one more fantastic photo study of a warship in the extensive Warship Pictorial Series books. This book contains 72 pages, with 10 color, 81 B & W images and 4 illustrations.  Available in March. Taking order now. Order # WP-44


No. 46 USS NEW JERSEY BB-62 $18.99

No. 47 GERMAN BATTLECRUISERS (1910-1919) $18.99

No. 48 GERMAN BATTLESHIPS (1910-1919) $18.99

No. 49 GERMAN BATTLESHIPS of WORLD WAR II (Volume 2) $18.99

No. 46 USS ENTERPRISE CV-6 (Volume 1) $18.99




CW-AP1.jpg - 0 Bytes

This book covers all the airwings that have operated on the Midway from her shakedown cruise in 1945 to Desert Storm in 91. The photos are mostly full page size with informative captions. Portraits of the commanders are overalaid on some images as well as notes for the composition of the airwings for that era. For those who are interested primarily in ships, you will love the shots of the island and inside the hanger deck. CW-AP1 $18.00

CW-AP2.jpg - 0 Bytes

Vought SB2U Vindicator was the Navy's first mono plane dive bomber. Entering service during the 30's these lumbering old aircraft were obsolete by time World War Two started. However they remained in service until well into 1942. Well known aviation historian Dana Bell has teamed up with Classic Warships Publishing to produce this Aircraft Pictorial book on the old Vindicator. The book is similar in format to the Warship Pictorial series with lots of sharp clear photos and plenty of historical background and specifications. The photos show the aircraft in a variety of poses from flight deck to in-flight. They are useful in detailing the aircraft and also in detailing some of the ships that they served on. Included are numerous drawings that illustrate the squadrons and their markings. There are even some nice dimensioned drawings that I found very helpful.
This new book is a must have for the aviation buff and modeler alike. The book is 72 pages, 8 in full color. Order Number: CW-AP2 List price is $18.00 US.

CW-AP3.jpg - 0 Bytes

Order Number: CW-AP3 List price is $18.00 US.

CW-AP4.jpg - 0 Bytes

Order Number: CW-AP4 List price is $25.00 US.




CWSC15.jpg - 0 Bytes

The latest Shipcraft book is out and this one covers the Queen Elizabeth class battleships. Written by Les Brown, it includes some great info for modelers wanting to build a scale replica of one of these famous ships. Like the other books in the series, it includes prototype info and history on the ships.  A modelers gallery features some of the best examples of built ups to inspire you to build your own. There are a number of color profiles and drawings that show the ships of the class at various times over their careers and illustrate the weapons and fittings they carried. 

This is a great book for modelers and historians alike. It is nice to see the QE class covered in this series. This book will come in handy for building your own version. 

Shipcraft #15 Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships   Order # CWSC15 with a retail price of  $ 24.00

CWSC8.jpg - 0 Bytes

Shipcraft 8 Fletcher Class Destroyers

Fletcher Class Destroyers. Lester Abbey. History of the numerically largest destroyer class and one of the most successful ever built for the US Navy. Describes the careers of a representative sample of the 175 Fletchers commissioned, refits and modifications plus appearance and camouflage. Includes scale plans, color profiles/plan views, model makers' showcase and in-depth model kit and accessory reviews. Illustrated with more than 100 photos, 8 pages of color schemes and 7 pages of scale drawings; 64 pages. Order # CWSC8 Price: (Out of Print)


SC12.jpg - 0 Bytes

Essex Class Carriers: Shipcraft 12

The latest volume covers the hugely important American carrier of the Second World War. Built in larger numbers than any fleet carrier before or since, the Essex class can claim to be the US Navy's most significant weapon in the defeat of Japan. Carrying up to 100 aircraft and capable of absorbing enormous punishment (not one was sunk), they spearheaded the Fast Carrier Task Forces for most of the Pacific War.

The heavily illustrated work contains everything a model builder needs to know about this prolific class. Order # CWSC-12
(Out of Print)

SC13.gif - 0 Bytes

New Orleans Class (CA32) Cruisers: Shipcraft 13

The subject of this volume is the seven-ship New Orleans class, probably the US Navy?s most hard-fought heavy cruisers of the War ? three were sunk in action but others survived massive damage, and by 1945 three out of four of the navy?s most decorated ships were of this class. Although designed within treaty limitations, they proved powerful and well-balanced ships, and their unparalleled fighting record makes them popular modelling subjects. Order # CWSC-13 $25.00

SC14.gif - 0 Bytes


The Yamato class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy were the largest warships of the Second World War and the largest battleships ever constructed, displacing 78,800 tonnes. They also carried the largest naval artillery ever fitted to a warship - 18in guns. Neither Yamato nor her sistership Musashi made much impact on the War. Musashi was sunk during the battle of Leyte Gulf while Yamato, deployed in a deliberate suicide attack on Allied forces at the battle of Okinawa, was finally sunk by US carrier-based aircraft; Not 300 of her 3,330 crew survived. Order # CWSC-14 $25.00

SCTB.jpg - 0 Bytes


The ?ShipCraft? series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sister-ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This includes paint schemes and camouflage, featuring colour profiles and highly-detailed line drawings and scale plans. The modelling section reviews the strengths and weaknesses of available kits, lists commercial accessory sets for super-detailing of the ships, and provides hints on modifying and improving the basic kit. This is followed by an extensive photographic gallery of selected high-quality models in a variety of scales, and the book concludes with a section on research references ? books, monographs, large-scale plans and relevant websites.

This volume follows the format of the highly successful Flower Class where the extent has been doubled to include far more detailed drawings of the many different designs of British MTBs and US PT-boats, including their fittings, sensors and weapons.

JOHN LAMBERT is a well-known draughtsman who provides detailed plans for modelmakers. He has also written widely on naval subjects, mostly small warships. His collaborator in this volume is LES BROWN, a lifelong modelmaker and a leading light in the Small Ships Group of the International Plastic Modellers Society.

Order # CWSC-TB Price $40.00

updated 5 April 2017
Postage and handling extra for all the above books.



The following "in Action" series of books are available. Each contain text about the ship/class, line drawings, and color drawings. These books are a must for the model builder. $12.95 each

SS4001.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4001 U-Boats
SS4002.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4002 U.S. Subs (Out of Print)
SS4003.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4003 U.S. Battleships Part 1 (Out of Print)
SS4004.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4004 U.S. Battleships Part 2 
SS4005.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4005 U.S. Aircraft Carriers Part 1(CV1-8)
SS4007.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4007 U.S. P.T. Boats  (Out of Print)
SS4008.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4008 FLETCHER CLASS DD US DD#1(Out of Print)
SS4009.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4009 US Escort Carriers
SS4010.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4010 U.S. Aircraft Carriers Part 2 (Out of Print)
SS4011.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4011 US Navy Destroyer Escorts
SS4012.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4012 OUT OF PRINT
SS4013.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4013 VOSPER MTB'S
SS4014.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4014 OUT OF PRINT
SS4015.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4015 U.S. Heavy Cruiser pt. 2
SS4016.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4016 U.S. LIGHT AIRCRAFT CARRIERS CVL's
SS4018.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4017 OUT OF PRINT
SS4018.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4018 Schnellboot in Action (OUT OF PRINT)
SS4019.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4019 U.S. Flush Deck Destroyers in Action
SS4022.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4022 US DESTROYERS Part#4 (OUT OF PRINT)
SS4023.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4023 German Battleships of WW II in Action (SC). Stern. All new book covering the design, development, and combat history of Germany's Deutschland, Scharnhorst, and Bismarck class capital ships in WW II. 104 B&W photos, line drawings, 6 full color profile paintings, three color cover paintings. 50 pgs. $11.95

SS4024.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4024 German Cruisers of World War Two in Action (SC). Stern. Covers Emden, K Class, and Leipzig/Nurnberg Class light cruisers, Admiral Hipper Class heavy cruisers, and shipboard aircraft. Over 100 B&W photos, numerous line drawings, 6 full color profile paintings and three cover paintings. 50 pgs. $11.95

SS4025.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4025 JAPANESE LIGHT CRUISERS in Action (Out of Print)
SS4026.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4026 JAPANESE HEAVY CRUISERS in Action (Out of Print)
SS4027.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4027 USS TARAWA/WASP CLASS Assaults ships in action. $14.96
SS4028.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4028 USN GATO Class Submarines in Action. $14.95
SS4028.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4029 US Nuclear Attack Subs in Action. $14.95
SS4030.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4031 USS YORKTOWN CV5 Class Carriers $14.95
SS4030.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4031 USS ARLEIGH BURKE class Destroyers $14.95

SS4033.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4033 US SUBCHASERS of WW2 in Action $14.95

SS4034.jpg - 0 Bytes SS4034 US PT BOATS in Action $14.95

6078  U-BOATS at WAR


On Deck - USS Alabama BB60

SS5601.jpg - 0 Bytes This 80 page soft cover color book is a in-depth photo coverage of this famous warship. With over 150 photos, line drawings, color painting, camouflage and data this book is a MUST for your reference. If you are building a model of this ship or any ships of this class, then you must have.
Order # SS5601 OUT OF PRINT



SS5602.jpg - 0 Bytes By Al Adcock. Covers all aspects of the carrier including radar systems, anti-aircraft weapons, flight deck, and much more. Contains 16 full color profiles, insignias, B&W illustrations, and 40 pgs of color photo. 80 Pgs. Order # SS5602 $15.95

SS5603.jpg - 0 Bytes


Ohio Class SSBN on Deck. Since its inception in 1960, strategic deterrence has been the sole mission of the fleet ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), which provides the nation's most survivable and enduring nuclear strike capability. The eighteen submarines of the Ohio class replaced aging fleet ballistic missile submarines built in the 1960s and are far more capable. Carrying twenty-four Trident missiles each, the Ohios carry fifty percent of all US strategic deterrent nuclear warheads and provide the sea-based 'leg' of the US strategic deterrent triad. An unprecedented bow-to-stern look at this critical US weapon system with more than 200 color and b/w photos, line drawings and 8 color profiles; 80 pages. Order No. #SS5603 Price $18.95

USS Pampanito Color On Deck


SS5604.jpg - 0 Bytes The USS Pampanito, a Balao-class fleet submarine, was commissioned in late 1943 and went into action in the Pacific at the height of WWII. During her patrols from early 1944 through mid-1945, Pampanito prowled the sea lanes of the western Pacific, decimating the convoys that were the life blood of Japan?s far-flung maritime empire. By the time she was ordered back to Pearl Harbor for overhaul in the summer of 1945, Pampanito had sent 5 Japanese ships - 27,332 tons to the bottom. But Pampanito?s proudest day was 15 September 1944 when she rescued a total of 73 British and Australian prisoners of war who had survived the sinking of a convoy taking them to Japan as slave labor. Today, Pampanito is a floating museum permanently docked at San Francisco?s Fisherman?s Wharf. Illustrated with 265 highly detailed photographs, color profiles, and intricate line drawings. Stern; 80 pages.

order #SS5604 price $18.95


postage and handling extra for all the above books.

SS6094.jpg - 0 Bytes

USS TENNESSEE in World War II by Signal/Squadron

By Clifton Simmons. The USS Tennessee (BB-43) was commissioned on 3 June 1920 and is one of the most under-celebrated battleships in the history of the U.S. Navy. She was at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, and she was a participant in the last battleship vs. battleship battle in naval history - the Battle of Surigao Strait, 24-25 October 1944. She survived World War II and went on to serve her country until she was decommissioned on 14 February 1947. Illustrated with more than 200 photographs and detailed drawings, this book tells the story of the great battleship through interviews with the veterans who fought her. 80pages. order # SS6094 price $(Out of Print)




SS5605.jpg - 0 Bytes


ELCO 80 PT Boat Color On Deck (SC)

Doyle. ELCO 80-Foot PT Boat on Deck Color Series. Say ""PT Boat"" and the image that comes to mind is that of the 80-foot patrol torpedo boat built by the Electric Launch Company (ELCO) in Bayonne, New Jersey. These nimble warships - which by the end of WWII could deliver the same firepower as early-war destroyers had done. A trio of Packard marine engines, delivering 1200 to 1500 horsepower each, gave the PT Boats speeds of 40 knots. Three hundred twenty-six of the 80-foot wooden wonders were built, with 296 of them seeing service in the US Navy; the remainder went to the USSR under Lend-Lease. The PT-565 class boats were the final and hardest hitting ELCO 80 - PT-617, the boat featured in the book, is the sole surviving intact example. Packed with over 200 photographs, plus color art and profiles; 80 pages."




SS5606.jpg - 0 Bytes

Description: The largest naval vessels in the world are the Nimitz-class super aircraft carriers. The Nimitz (CVN-68) launched the class when it was commissioned on 3 May 1975 and it has been followed by another 9 vessels. Each is more than 1,000 feet long, and displaces 103,000 tons at full load. Carriers are vital to the projection of US power around the globe: USS Nimitz responded to the Iran hostage crisis in the late 1970s, launched raids on Libya in the early 1980s and challenged China's growing navy in the Taiwan Straits in 1996. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first US warship to respond to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. USS Carl Vinson was the first to launch air attacks as part of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. In the mid-1990s USS Theodore Roosevelt supported NATO air strikes against Bosnian Serbs during fighting in former Yugoslavia. USS Abraham Lincoln backed up Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in the early 2000s. Illustrated with more than 300 photographs, plus color profiles and detailed line drawings. Goodall; 80 pages. Order number # SS5606 Price $19.00

The Iowa-class battleships were America's - and the world's - last active battleships, serving as recently as 1995. Back in the World War II era, six of the class were ordered, and four completed: Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin. The Missouri rose to fame as the site of the Japanese surrender ending WWII. Each armed with nine 16-inch rifles able to hurl 2,700-lb shells more than 23 miles, the Iowas were capable of combating formidable sea-going foes. In actuality, however, their huge main guns were used instead to shell enemy land positions during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. In later years their original arrays of 16-inch and five-inch guns were augmented with missiles, including the Harpoon as well as the Tomahawk cruise missiles. Explore the decks and depths of these mighty warships, once home to thousands of sailors through more than 270 color photos, carefully chosen to show the subtle differences between these four near-identical ships. Doyle; 88 pages. Order Number: SS5607 Price $18.95

((Softcover)) Fletcher-class destroyers were the mainstay of the US Navy's destroyer force during WWII. With 175 of the class commissioned, the Fletchers were the most numerous of the American 'Tin Cans' - as destroyers are affectionately known. Today, only one of the type has been preserved in WWII-configuration, the USS Kidd. Named after Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who gave his life on the bridge of his flagship USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, the destroyer USS Kidd (DD-661) conducted two years of successful operations in the Atlantic and Pacific during World War II, before being struck by a kamikaze on 11 April 1945. In that incident, the Kidd lost 38 of her crewmen killed and another 55 wounded. After repairs, the destroyer rejoined the fleet, only to be decommissioned after the war. Recommissioned and brought back to active service during the Korean War, the Kidd remained an active Naval vessel until she was decommissioned for the last time in 1964. Documented in color close-up photos are the details of the exterior of the ship, as well as her interior spaces, where destroyer sailors lived, fought, and some died, painstakingly restored and preserved today in Baton Rouge by the Louisiana Naval War Memorial Commission. Illustrated with 234 photographs. Doyle; 80 pages.Order Number : SS26010 Price $18.95

(Softcover) Andrew Jackson Higgins's New Orleans boat-building firm, Higgins Industries, constructed numerous vessels for the US war effort during World War II. Among these were 78-foot Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats. While not as well-publicized as the 80-foot Elco PT boats, the 209 boats built by Higgins fought alongside their New Jersey-constructed counterparts, earning a reputation for ruggedness in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pacific. This profusely-illustrated volume showcases the details of Higgins PTs preserved in Massachusetts, Texas, and even an operational example in Oregon - the sole operational World War II PT in its original configuration. More than 80 color photographs of these preserved vessels are augmented by nearly 40 vintage photos illustrating rarely seen fine details of the wooden shipbuilders' craft. Illustrated with over 120 photographs. Doyle; 80 pages.Order Number: SS26008 Price $18.95



The USS Lexington - affectionately referred to as 'Lady Lex' - was the United States Navy's second aircraft carrier. Laid down as the lead ship of the Lexington-class battlecruisers, which were to have been the world?s most powerful warships, the Washington Naval Treaty forbade her completion as such, but permitted her to be finished as an aircraft carrier. Commissioned 14 December 1927, Lexington, with her fabric-covered biplanes deployed to the Pacific. Through the following years both the ship and her aircraft underwent numerous upgrades. These changes, along with her construction, the daily routine of the crew are fully chronicled. The book also describes the transition of both men and machine as the nation plunged into the war, which ended for the Lexington on 8 May 1942, when she sank in the Coral Sea. No other single volume encompasses all the historic images that pack this latest volume. Illustrated with 235 photos, 14 color renderings and detailed line drawings; 104 pages. ISBN 978-0-89747-715-4   (Out of Print)


AIRCRAFT in Action Series

The following "in Action" series of books are available. Each contain text about the aircraft, line drawings, and color drawings. These books are a must for the model builder. $11.95 each


SS1203.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1203 USN Float Planes of WW2 (Out of Print)
SS1119.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1119 OS2U KINGFISHER A/C
SS1036.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1036 F6F HELLCAT in Action
SS1048.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1048 PV-1 Ventura in Action (Out of Print)
SS1054.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1054 SB2C Helldiver in Action

                        SS1156 Curtiss Aircraft

                        SS1097  TBD torpedo bomber
SS1062.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1062 PBY Catalina in Action
SS1064.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1064 SBD Dauntless in Action
SS1068.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1068 P2V Neptune in Action
SS1081.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1081 F2A Brewster Buffalo in Action (Out of Print)
SS1082.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1082 TBM/TBF Avenger in Action
SS1141.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1141 P-12/F4B in Action (Out of Print)
SS1145.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1145 F4U Corsair in Action (Out of Print)
SS1150.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1150 H-3 Sea King in Action (Out of Print)
SS1160.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1160 Grumman Biplanes in Action 
SS1161.jpg - 0 Bytes SS1161 HU-16 Albatross Flyingboat in Action
SS6087.jpg - 0 Bytes SS6087 US Navy Aircraft Camouflage & Markings 1940-45
Description: US Navy Aircraft Camouflage & Markings 1940-1945 (SC). Doll. A highly detailed and informative look at the variations of camouflage schemes and insignias used by the US Navy during WW II.Includes dozens of full color profiles, 6 color photos, and over 100 B&W photos. 64 pgs. Price $14.95


postage and handling extra for all the above books.


Over 150 photographs from crew member photo albums make this book a must have for every serious student of naval history. More than 70 of these fantastic photos were taken by crew members themselves and have never been published before! In addition there are many official Kriegsmarine photos that were given to crew members to start their albums, including the sinking of the British aircraft carrier Glorious and photos from the famous Channel dash.
The crew's photos included ships sinking, the Scharnhorst fighting ice and heavy seas, Hitler's visit, as well as life on board. Many of the photographers had some real talent as demonstrated by the artistic nature of their photos. A compelling look at the struggle of the North Atlantic as seen through the camera lenses of the men who were there. 128 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 format, ISBN:1-939127-00-6, Order #OMP-1, $19.95


This 80 page, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 format contains about 107 Black and White and Color photos. Both Official "Wartime", crew member, and as she looks now photos show this submarine from the "Bullnose" to the "Stern Tubes". A great book for the model builder showing many great details of this preserved WW2 configured Gato class submarine. ISBN:1-930127-01-4, Order # OMP-2, $12.95.

USS NORTH CAROLINA BB55-Technical Reference 1

OMPBB55.jpg - 0 Bytes
A complete technical reference to one of America's greatest battleships.

Over 65 present day and historical photographs (22 full page photos!)

13 line drawings.

A complete camouflage guide including a color guide.

Complete guide to AA gun changes, with drawings and photos.

The U.S.S. North Carolina's history, her statistics, and campaign history.

A complete set of North Carolina's plans in 1/350 th scale!

The Battleship U.S.S. North Carolina was the first new U.S. Battleship design in over two decades. She and her sister ship the Washington represented a huge jump in speed, protection and firepower over previous designs. When built, she was one of the most powerful ships in the world. She went on to earn more battle stars than any other U.S. battleship in WWII. The North Carolina is now berthed in Wilmington, N.C. and is a war memorial dedicated to the brave men and women who fought in WWII.

This technical reference is a must for anyone interested in U.S. battleship operations in WWII. There are over 65 highly detailed photos that give the reader an in-depth view of the ship and her equipment. Also included is a full set of blueprints in 1/350 scale drawn by Tom Walkowiak of The Floating Drydock. (see photo below). The North Carolina Memorial receives a royalty for every book sold. So order today and help preserve a piece of our nation's history!

56 pages BW plus plans Color Soft Cover 8 1/2 by 11 ISBN # 1-930127-02-2 Order number:OMPBB55 $17.95


Battleship Massachusetts

OMPBB57.jpg - 77132 Bytes
Technical Reference 2 By Randall Shoker

The Battleship Massachusetts and her sisters represented the peak of treaty designed battleships. Their unique design gave them both the protection and speed they needed to perform the duties that were envisioned for them in the late 1930's. Massachusetts went on to have one of the best combat records of any United States battleship of World War II. Fortunately for us she was preserved as a war memorial in Fall River, Massachusetts, where she is today.

Technical Reference 2 is perfect bound with a full color cover and full color ship camouflage profiles on the back. Also included is a set of 35 X 23 pull-out 1/350th scale blue prints of Massachusetts drawn by Tom Walkowiak of The Floating Drydock. We have expanded the original 56 page format to 64 pagesprinted on our deluxe 80lb high gloss paper, and have packed in more technical data and drawings (20) than before, including a full page cutaway of her 16 inch turrets! An exciting feature of this book is several series of time lapse photos to show equipment changes. We found three photos from almost the exact same angle and were able to contrast the subtle changes from her original outfitting in the summer of 1942, her big refit in 44 and her post war refit. A photo copy of the 1942 refit page is on a thumbnail below. This book is full of info, and it contains 85 photos (including 22 full page photos of the ship), both from the National Archives and from the ship today. Order today and add it to your collection.


Order # OMPBB59 Price $17.95
64 pages
8 1/2 inches by 11 inches Perfect bound


This 80 page, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 format contains about 100 Black and White and Color photos, and drawings. Highly recommended. ISBN:1-930127-01-4, Order # OMP-BB64, $12.95.

BB64ad.jpg - 1551765 Bytes
postage and handling extra for all the above books.



[Book Photo] United States Naval Vessels

The Official United States Navy Reference Manual Prepared by the Division of Naval Intelligence, 1 September 1945

ISBN: 0764300903

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Illustrations: over 1,500 b/w photographs, drawings, profiles, charts

Pages: 672 pages

$75.00 hard cover

This book comprises four manuals compiled from official sources during World War II Manuals such as those in this book, were distributed widely through the fleet and used constantly as a standard reference. The Office of Naval Intelligence published a library of manuals that covered our own Navy as well as British, French, Soviet, Japanese and German Navies, among others. The first part of this book comprises the manual entitiled ONI 222-US:United States Naval Vessels. In the official introduction to this manual. Commodore Thomas B. Inglis, USN,Acting Director of Naval Intelligence states, "It is a graphic and statistical picture of the U.S. Navy at its peak in numerical strength. The information in this maunal is corrected to and as of 1 September 1945." The second part of this book is study compiled by the Statistical Section of the Officer of Naval Intelligence. Entitled The United States Fleet(From Pearl Harbor to Oct. 1, 1945). the purpose of this study is two fold. As it states in the introduction, "the purpose of the present table is A: To provide a compact and readily intelligible overall view of the United States Fleet. (1) Before the onset of War, (2) At the end of the war, (3) At the present time, and (4) As presently being built for the future, and B: To present a summary of the charges which have taken place in the United States Fleet, Documented by the names or hull numbers of the vessels whose status have changed". The latter includes those ships sunk during the war and converted/reclassified to other uses. The final part of this book is a reprint of a 1 December 1944 document entitled Index of United States Fleet. This document was prepared by Commander, Air Force, Pacific Fleet. Excepting un-named ships and craft, all vessels are included. They are listed individually by their classification, followed by their name, in tabular form under their class name. While this document does not include unnamed ships, such as those found in the Patrol Vessel and Amphibious categories, the manual does include a separate section for Landing Ships, Craft and Vehicles, with charecteristics and illustrations, at the end of the document.


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Battleship and Cruiser Aircraft of the United States Navy 1910-1949

Price: $49.95
William T. Larkins
ISBN: 0764300881
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Illustrations: over 400 b/w paragraphs
Pages: 272
Binding: Hard Cover

This thorough study of the history, development and service of floatplanes carried on battleships and cruisers documents a long neglected subject for the first time in over 400 photographs. From the 1920s through World War II, aircraft operating from catapults were used for spotting gunfire and scouting ahead of the fleet. Flying these planes was unique and the dramatic launching and recovery operations are covered by both photographs and text. Colors and markings are detailed and special attention has been paid to images showing catapult and ship details for both the ship and aircraft modeler. The assignment of all aircraft by type, totals, squadrons and ship is given annually from 1942 to 1949. In addition to rare photos of all of the experimental aircraft that were tested for this purpose, an addition chapter covers floatplanes used on small ships and submarine.



[Book Photo] American PT Boats in World War II

Victor Chun
ISBN: 0764302566

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Illustrations: over 180 b/w photographs, 39 line drawings

Pages: 240 pages

$60.00 hard cover

American PT Boats in World War II is an illustrated study of the development, construction, tactics, and combat actions, of U.S. PT Boats.


[Book Photo] USS Saratoga (CV-3): An Illustrated History of the Legendary Aircraft Carrier 1927-1946

John Fry

ISBN: 076430089X

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Illustrations: over 200 b/w photographs

Pages: 192 pages
$39.95 hard cover

Originally laid down as one of six giant battle cruisers, the Saratoga survived the 1922 Washington Disarmament Treaty's cutting torch through her conversion to a new and seemingly benign type of vessel-the aircraft carrier. She reported for duty off Long Beach, CA in 1927 and for the next twelve years trained the men who would eventually fight World War II. One of only three carriers on duty at the outset of World War II, Saratoga, at one point, was the sole American carrier available to Naval Aviation. She suffered two torpedo attacks and a horrifying kamikaze attack, and was reported sunk many times by the Japanese. Refitted as a night-attack carrier, then relegated to the role of training carrier, Saratoga survived the war only to be sacrificed in the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in 1946. No carrier, or ship, played a greater role in developing the men and tactics that became the massive force that United States Naval Aviation.


[Book Photo] United States Navy Wings of Gold from 1917 to the Present

Ron Willis

Tomas Carmichael

ISBN: 0887407951

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Illustrations: over 400 color photographs

Pages: 224 pages
$49.95 hard cover

This new book by Ron Willis and Tom Carmichael chronicles in full color the development of Navy wings, including variations in designation, design and makers from World War I to the present. Also included is a listing of 17,000 naval aviators by name and number up to 1942.


[Book Photo] Submarine Badges and Insignia of the World: An Illustrated Reference for Collectors


Pete Prichard

ISBN: 0764302558

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Illustrations: over 400 color photographs

Pages: 136 pages

$45.00 hard cover

A complete compendium of the submarine badges of the world, dating from the Imperial Russian Naval Officer's Submarine School Graduation Badge of 1909 to the new South Korean Submariner's Badge issued in 1996. Covers all countries currently operating submarines as well as those no longer existing as political entities.