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To order please fill out the order form and press the submit button at the bottom of the form.

Note: This order form will only work from Web browsers that have forms support. If your browser does not have forms support, please use one of the following alternative ordering methods:


or print out form  mail to:


PO BOX 740

APG, MD 21005  USA

or print form and mail with credit card info or check/money order to the address below.

Mail payments may be made by check, money order, or credit card (see note below). Prices are payable in U.S. currency. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:  THE FLOATING DRYDOCK.  Checks must be payable is US Dollars and drawn against a US Bank.  All prices are subject to change without notice.


Although international and/or postal money orders are the preferred method of payment, we will accept cheques provided they meet the following three requirements. 
1. Cheques must be made in U.S. dollars. Payable to:  THE FLOATING DRYDOCK
2. Cheques must be drawn on a U.S. bank
3. Cheques must display a computer-generated routing number along their lower edges
All cheques not meeting these requirements will be returned. If there is doubt, use a money order made out in U.S. dollars. Also, orders sent without payment will be held until payment arrives. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your assistance.

Your complete address is necessary to fulfill your order.

Zip Code:     
Please note:  So we can be able to contact you and confirm that we received this order, 

please fill in your email address.  With this type of secure form your email address does NOT show up.   

I can NOT do a simple "reply".


Qty. Item number and Item Price                        

Need more space?  Just use another order form, put only your name on it and list items.

On your first form state that there are more to follow....That simple!


Sorry no printed catalog available.

Sub Total $: 
Sales Tax $: 

(Residents of MARYLAND ONLY add 6% sales tax)

Shipping Rates: Plans can be shipped in a mailing tube for $3.50 per order for the tube plus shipping. Otherwise the plans will be folded.
Shipping Charges for US Mailing
Orders from:$10.00 To $30.00 add $9.80
$30.01 To $50.00 add $16.00
$50.01 To $75.00 add $19.00
$75.01 To and up add $22.00

Foreign orders: For small orders, i.e. several small books, fittings, or a plan $34.00 is enough for International Air Priority Mail $25.95 for CANADA & MEXICO.  You can always ask us before you place the order.  These are  new POSTAL RATES  as of January 2016.  I can also send by FIRST CLASS AIR which will take several weeks.  Please ask for a postage rate quote.


Once the order is received we will notify you that it was received using the email address you supplied. Please allow one or two days. If after several days you DO NOT get a ORDER RECEIVED message from us, please send us a email that you sent a order in and you did NOT receive a "Order Received" message from us.

Shipping $: (see main page) Total $:

Payment by Credit Card

(minimum $20.00) To our customers:  Secure Order Form: The payment by credit card option is provided for your convenience. Note that this order form submission is a encrypted, secure transaction over the Internet. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please submit your order to The Floating Drydock by mail or fax.

The Floating Drydock
P.O. Box 740

APG, MD  21005  USA

  Add 3% for PAYPAL Sur-charge to the total of the order.

Please select:

Card Type or PayPal:

"We now accept PayPal"     Using PayPal, then use our hotmail address –   go to Submit form below then go to PayPal.
Note about PaypPal, this service takes about 5 days before order is processed. Also ALL PayPal orders add 3% to the TOTAL for the fee.  For faster service use a credit card.

Card holders name:   
Card Number:         
Exp. Date:           
CVV (security code): 

Thank you for ordering from The Floating Drydock.

If you are paying by check just print out this form and mail with check.  Please do not "submit" the form online.

NOTE: We do NOT sell, or in anyway give out our
customer's names, address, email address or any other
information. Like you, I get enough junk mail.

          Using PayPal, then use our hotmail address –   go to

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up-dated 6 May 2018