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And for those who would really want it all.....the entire business "The Floating Drydock" is for sale. As they say "Lock, stock and barrel. Send a email for details....asking around 300K.

Hard Back Books - out of print old stock, but books are new, with shelf ware.

NAUTILUS by Roy Davies, The story of man under the sea. This book accompanies the major TV series.
235 pages, ISBN:1-55750-615-9 Order # USNI615-9 $15.00

SUBMARINE by Jonathan Crane, 1985, History of the Royal Navy Submarines. 205 pages, ISBN: 0-87021-687-2, Order # USNI687-2, $10.00

US ARMY-NAVY JOURNAL RECOGNITION 9/43-2/44 Numbers 1-6, by Norman Friedman, 1990. Many great photos. 50 pages ISBN:0-87021-775-5, Order # USNI775-5, $18.00

Anatomy of the Ship - The Destroyer CAMPBELTOWN by Al Ross  History and drawings.  127 pages 28 photos 50 drawings  ISBN: 1-55750-752-2 Order #USNI725-2  $20.00.

Anatomy of the Ship - Captain Cook's ENDEAVOUR by Karl Heinz Marquardt Ross  History and drawings.  127 pages Many Illustrations and Drawings  ISBN: 1-55750-118-1 Order #USNI 118-1  $20.00.

HITLER’S BATTLESHIPS by Edwyn Gray  The story of the Battleships of the German Navy from 1933-1945.  195 pages 36 photos  ISBN: 1-55750-343-5 Order #USNI343-5  $10.00.

THE NAVAL WAR OF 1812 by Chatham Pictorial Histories.  This large format book is an indepth study of the war of 1812 with many illustrations and maps.  A must for the serious history buff.  190 pages ISBN:1-55750-654-X Order#USNI654-X $20.00.


ADVANCE FORCE-PEARL HARBOR by Burl Burlingame, A True Story of Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese submarine assault on Pearl Harbor, though not as well-known as the devastating air strike, had a significant impact on the chaos that was 7 December 1941. Drawn from American and Japanese sources, this page-turner of a book describes both the single-minded bravery of the submariners who carried out the attack and the valorous men in the destroyers who battled against them. It is the first comprehensive examination of the role played by the Imperial Navy’s submarine force, a story that has been overlooked because the mission was not successful.

Infused with vivid firsthand accounts by participants, the narrative crackles with intrigue and suspense. The author covers every aspect of the campaign from submarine development, strategy, and espionage, to the Japanese military psyche and prisoners of war. One of the many interesting sidebars includes computer-enhanced images of a classic battle photo that reveals the previously unnoticed presence of midget submarines just off Battleship Row. Profiles of crewmembers lend a human dimension to the unique cadre of the Japanese submariner. Generously illustrated with more than 300 photographs and diagrams, this thoroughly researched volume restores the underwater attack at Pearl Harbor to its proper place in history and provides a riveting chronicle of the U.S. Navy’s day of infamy.  ISBN: 1-55750-211-0  Order #USNI 211-0 $20.00  Reg. price $28.95.

MiG MASTER – The story of the F-8 Crusader, by Barrett Tillman An operational history of one of the most capable, versatile, and long-lived aircraft in naval aviation history. Includes the F-8's entire history, from its years of design in the early 1950's to its retirement from the U.S. Navy in 1986. 228 pages 30 Illustrations ISBN: 0-87021-585-X Order# USNI585-X $20.00 reg. price $29.95.


One hundred years after its first printing, Sir William Clowes's superb seven volume study still retains its position as the preeminent history of the Royal Navy.

Volume 2 covers the period from James I to the Peace of Utrecht.  632 pages 14 photos 84 Illustrations ISBN: 1-86176-011-6 Order# USNI 011-6 $20.00 reg. price $32.95

Volume 3 covers the period from George I to the outbreak of the French Revolution.640 pages 8 photos 73 Illustrations ISBN: 1-86176-012-4 Order# USNI 012-4 $20.00 reg. price $32.95

One hundred years after its first printing, Sir William Clowes's superb seven volume study still retains its position as the preeminent history of the Royal Navy.

STATION HOSPITAL SAIGON A Navy Nurse in Vietnam, 1963-64  by Bobbi Hovis 

This inspiring story provides a rare inside look at Vietnam in the early years of conflict. 184 pages 48 photos, maps ISBN: 1-55750-376-1 Order# USNI376-1 $22.00 reg. price $35.00.

DESTROYERS OF WORLD WAR TWO: An International Encyclopedia  by M.J. Whitley.  An Abundantly Illustrated Tribute to a Versatile Warship

Fast, compact and formidable, destroyers were in the thick of the action in every theater of operations during the Second World War. They performed a wide range of duties, often of the most hazardous nature. Not only were they assigned to escort the main battle fleets into action, but they were called upon to escort convoys and protect them from attacks by aircraft and submarines.

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs and line drawings, this reprint of the popular 1988 book comprehensively details in one volume all the destroyers built between 1939 and 1945 by the navies of the world. Each class is described under three headings: design, modification, and service. The author, a leading World War II historian, provides a wealth of data on each ship's builder, dimensions, armament, performance, and fate as well as keel-laying, launch, and commissioning dates. Such a detailed record of these highly effective, versatile ships will prove invaluable to warship enthusiasts everywhere.  320 pages 370 photos ISBN: 0-87021-326-1  Order#USNI326-1 $30.00

 FLAGS AT SEA By Timothy Wilson.  An Illustrated Guide to the Flags at Sea during the Age of Sail

This is a revised edition of a popular history, first published in 1986, of the flags flown at sea during the Age of Sail. Beautifully illustrated with more than one hundred thirty photographs--seventy-four in color--it features the flags flown by the principal naval powers--Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States. The clear narrative unravels myths and misunderstandings about where, when, and why certain flags--like the piratical "Jolly Roger"--were flown. It also tackles such complicated issues as signaling in peace and war. Contemporary flag charts and specially commissioned drawings provide the degree of detail necessary for model makers, artists, and historians. The remarkable amount of information presented on the all-important functions of identification and signaling at sea makes an important contribution to the literature. Number of Photos : 17, Number of Line Art Drawings: 0, Number of Color Photos: 74, Total Number of Illustrations: 181 ISBN: 1-55750-296-X Order# USNI296-X $15.00.

HISTORY OF WARSHIPS From Ancient Times to the Twenty-first Century  By James L. George.  "The development of warships is a potentially difficult and untidy subject to handle, but the author examines it in simple and orderly fashion. . . This book is for a wide audience. The approach is not excessively technical, but rather descriptive and anecdotal, and the text is often enhanced by color and details of historical events." --Norman Brown, Associated Press

"An easy-to-use and highly readable format that is sure to prove indispensable to naval professionals, history buffs, and warship enthusiasts. The culmination of a lifetime of research and hands-on experience." --Sea Technology

"James George has combined his many careers--naval officer, arms control and congressional national security staffer, scholarly author, and prize-winning essayist--to produce an extremely useful, concise compendium of vessels of war throughout the past. It is a reference book in the sense that it covers warships of all epochs but in narrative essays rather than Janes Fighting Ships-style laundry listings." --Journal of Military History

"As a pocket story of naval history, this book fulfills its purpose at a reasonable price." --Choice

There have been many illustrated histories of individual ship designs and of naval battles and wars, but until now there has never been a comprehensive single-volume survey of the world's warships from antiquity to the present and beyond. The culmination of a lifetime of research and hands-on experience, this exciting tour de force by naval analyst Jim George not only describes the major types of naval combatants through history but compares, contrasts, and analyzes them in a highly readable, easy-to-use format that is sure to become indispensable to naval professionals and general readers alike.

Organized by the four major ages of warships-galley, sail, steam, and modern-George graphically presents the design evolution, construction, and operational uses of specific ship types, including their defenses, weapons, propulsion, and famous sea battles. While his focus is on ships of major naval powers, he does offer interesting examples from lesser navies and includes Leonardo da Vinci's submarine designs, Germany's pocket battleship, Austria's World War I air-cushion catamaran, and Italy's naval tanks with lateral caterpillar chains.

Chapters on lessons learned, ironies, and myths consider design evolutions across history to reach thought-provoking and often surprising conclusions. Also covered are the fascinating and often startling design concepts for future ships, weapons, and systems from around the world. Handy tables accompany each ship type for quick reference, and four extensive bibliographies provide directions for further study.

From Greek triremes, ships of the line, ironclads, dreadnoughts, and nuclear submarines to the U.S. Navy's proposed Sea Shadow stealth ship, no other single source offers comparable breadth and depth of description and analysis of the world's warships.  Number of Pages : 376, Number of Photos : 43 ISBN: 1-55750-312-5 Order# 312-5 $25.00.

U.S. BATTLESHIP OPERATIONS IN WORLD WAR 1 by Jerry W. Jones.  The first comprehensive study of the operational histories of the U.S. Battleships in the first World War.  Published in 1998, 192 pages, 22 photos, maps.  ISBN:1-55750-411-3 List $32.95 our sale price $20.00. 

BRASS PROPS-Discontinued line

The below brass props are leftover stock from a long discontinued line.  The price shown is about 80% less then the original 1999 price.


Item#    Diameter    Number of Blades    Price each    On hand

EM-19L    3"    3 left hand                  $8.00        (1)

EM-20L/R    3 1/2"    Left and Right sets                 $25.00 per set        (2 SETS)

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